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Oyo state’s finance commissioner is headlining IBPulse’s After5ive Event

Abimbola Adekanmbi, Oyo state commissioner for finance and budget, Seun Onigbinde, co-founder, BudgIT, others set to speak at Ibadan’s top event for startups. On Thursday December 21, 2017, Ibadan’s leading online platform, IBPulse, will host tech startup founders, entrepreneurs and other tech industry players and enthusiasts at the Homecoming Edition of After5ive – its interactive informal networking event where startup founders, entrepreneurs, industry players, government, media and other stakeholders discuss issues, developments, challenges and growth opportunities for the ecosystem. Read More… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Heart to Heart (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Wednesday 27th July)

Fiwa and I talked heart to heart today. I haven’t poured out my mind to anyone that much in a while. It’s funny really how strangers turn into friends, and friends into family- becoming people we can trust with even the most shady details of our lives. I have known Fiwa for a little over 2 years now. We met when I was still just a corps member. We met at the University of Ibadan’s zoo. She had come to Ibadan to see a friend of hers, having graduated from The Polythecnic, Ibadan though serving Abia. Fiwa was in the...