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Nkem Says: There is Always That One Person

  There is always that one person who will always have your heart. If you are thinking the statement sounds like something from a cheesy love song, you would be right. It actually is the first line of the awesome duet by Alicia Keys and Usher titled ‘My Boo’. At the time it was released in 2004, I was still a dreamy teenager …although I had already had my ‘first love’ experience and nursed a heartbreak or two already as well. In fact, I remember buying the then NGN50 pamphlet that contained lyrics to popular songs just to learn all...

Toyorsee drops romantic single, ‘Duro’ for the lovers. Download and Enjoy

Toyosi Olosunde (Toyorsee has she is fondly called) finally drops this amazing track titled ‘Duro’, to launch her career into the music industry. Though she started back then as a Choir, Toyorsee has been able to create a very unique style for her music, a style which is applauded by even the music critics, across the states. This song will open you up to a whole new musical world, through the vocals of a 19 year old. Download and Enjoy. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

My day with Fiwa (Diary of an Oluyole babe, Tuesday 26th July)

Fiwa has been a great company all day. She came in with some pepper, and beef. Said she branched Dugbe on her way. We played games on the balcony. Scrabble is my strength, and I successfully won three different games. Tunde, a corper housemate, and Dumebi were also part of the game.  Read more FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

Ladies! How to make him stop calling!

Sometimes we admire and ‘like’ some guy, but he just doesn’t seem to care so much about us or give us all the attention and special ‘feel’ we desire  But then, there is this guy ‘we don’t like’, who won’t stop calling our phones. The saying is true though, ‘we want who don’t want us’. Well, here are ways on HOW TO GET THE LATTER OFF YOUR BACK (after all, you’re going to need some concentration and focus to get ‘THE ONE’.) Read more… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

I didn’t like Ibadan, but I found Love in the City.

This one will surely make all my Ibadan folks giggle. In very recent times, the city of Ibadan has come under intense spotlight for jokes, memes and many other social media sports. It is then worth celebrating to find someone sharing a beautiful love story that stemmed from the ancient city. Enjoy this one, and maybe you just might be next in line to take a trip to Ibadan in search of love. My story begins from the day I received a letter from the head office informing me that I had been transferred to Ibadan, Oyo State. Read More…...

When Two Social Entrepreneurs Finds Love!

It can only be divine! . The love that brought Aunty Lanre of Aunty Lanre Initiative the mind behind The Ibadan orphange tour and Bolu Onasanya an Author and Social Entrepreneur to make us all anticipate #LanreBolu2016 coming soon! . Ibadan, wait for this. You can’t imagine what is going down this July! . #Anticipate . FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

To all the new ‘Ex-es’ in the City of Ibadan, see the tips to get over your heartbreak.

By Adesewa OLOFINKO Hello my IB ladies and guys. A number of us as adults and young adults are very familiar with the word ‘heartbreak’. While you might be lucky not to have gotten yours broken in relationships that left you feeling sorry, a number of us haven’t been able to pull it off, heart unscathed. And anyone who has been a victim of a heartbreak can describe the experience as traumatic and violating. Some of us even shut down entirely after several bad experiences at relationships going sour; unwilling to share any of the crumbs of our heart that...

Whats Love in this Ibadan sef?

So this lady walked beside me the other day at the mall mopping and stuff. Her sniffs were loud enough to make me notice her, me that I am always engrossed with staring at stuff displayed by outlets from their glasses, hoping one day I will walk in there and count #75,000 without a blink of an eye for a Givenchy bag. Good things are must have, but now, I spend my money to purchase good and affordable things afterall, will I carry the bag everyday for one year? So, back to my story jawe, I too dey like to digress....