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Healthy Eating for an Active Lifestyle

Whether you engage in physical activity and sports or not, healthy eating is essential for optimizing performance. Combining good nutrition with physical activity can lead to a healthier lifestyle. In line with this, Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no 1 food ordering platform shares some healthy eating hacks to achieve an active lifestyle. Read more… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email

#MyIbadan: Welcome to Ibadan! We set the pace – Tinu Smith

Today,  fashion Icon Tinu Smith speaks… My name is Tinu Smith an entrepreneur in the city of Ibadan. This is Ibadan my ancient city, full of life and incredible prospects. Ibadan indeed is the pacesetter state. This might sound far  fetched to some but I strongly believe this is true. I have woken up to the cool sound of this beautiful city for the past 27 years, sowing on its soil and eating its fruits. Dreaming great ideas and birthing them. I believe in Ibadan, I gave much to my city and its giving back to me. All the old...

Women Lifestyle: The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing Your (Growing) Bump

I remember vividly the day my favorite jeans stopped buttoning when I was about six or seven months pregnant. I even teared up (thanks hormones!). My response may have been overly dramatic, but a good fit, nice color, and pretty silhouette go a long way to making you feel like a million bucks. When you’re pregnant, dressing can be a major fashion challenge even for the trendiest mom-to-be because your body is always changing, and you don’t know which clothes in your closet are going to fit from day to day. Suddenly, you’re dressing this body that seems totally foreign to...

5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Consider Non-alcoholic Perfume

Perfumes are a very important part of your toilette; the right fragrance helps you smell really good and it enhances your personality and self-confidence. If you look around for a good perfume you are sure to come across plenty of alcohol free perfumes. If your religion forbids you from touching any product that contains alcohol then you certainly need to use these products.; However, you will also be glad to know that alcohol perfumes have many more advantages and best of all are available in Nigeria at a very cheaper rate. Read More FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email