Mainstreet Bank leads in Ibadan service delivery survey

By HallmarkNews

Our across the counter team recently paid a visit to some randomly selected bank branches in Ibadan, Africa’s largest city to assess the quality of service rendered by banks in the city. The report;

Main Street Bank House, Abayomi Bus stop, Iwo Road
A walk into this branch at Iwo road, very close to the busy bridge and motor parks that link the road to Lagos leaves a good experience on any visiting customer that came for transactions of all sorts. The very neat spacious banking environment is so attractive from the outside. Customers come in their tens as the banking hall was filled almost to the brim. We observed that most of the bank’s customers at least in that location were small business owners. Hallmark Across The Counter crew was pleasantly surprised that despite the storms the bank has been going through, a reasonable level of activities were going on. The banking hall, though quite big, at some point was no longer conducive for the waiting customers because the air-conditioner was not oscillating properly. One of the senior staff members that heard customers complaining quickly attended to that but his efforts were not very useful. The two Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) were working perfectly as the guards were on standby to assist customers in case of any challenges. The tellers were very slow in attending to customers who hissed and sighed while waiting. Some openly complained of the slowness and urged the bank management to either retrain the staff or upgrade their technology infrastructure to enhance speedy service delivery. Most of them were business owners who wanted to return to their shops faster. Customers’ cars were properly parked in an array of lines with security guards standing by to watch over. The water dispenser was filled with water and cups for thirsty customers to drink while some security personnel were going forth and back to make sure the atmosphere is save for business. Cleaners were on stand-by to mop up or pick dirt that may be left behind by customers. As good as their services were, some of the customers had to shout out before they were given a deposit teller as the one placed on the desk finished because of the large number of customers that came in for transactions.

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Mainstreet Bank
University of Ibadan, (U.I) gate, Oyo road
The branch located just at the gate of the famed University of Ibadan must have been strategically positioned to woo students and other small scale and corporate business owners within and around the institution. New intakes from both undergraduate and post graduate levels of the institution flooded the bank during our visit to make payments and most of them to complain about their inability to get through with their transactions. The banking hall was well decorated and members of staff were gorgeously dressed for the occasion. They took less time to process a customer compared to our experience at its sister branch on Iwo road.
The security post had just two security personnel who at some point struggled to combat the crowd and groaning students at the ATM spot either as a result of bad network or insufficient cash in the machine. They were not in uniform and so it was difficult to identify who they were at least for a first-time visitor.
After about 15minutes of delay, the two ATM terminals began to function well and customers were able to complete their transactions.
The Air conditional was oscillating well and the banking hall was kept within bearable temperature.
Stanbic IBTC
Stanbic House, Abayomi Bus stop, Iwo Road
The branch also located close to the busy bridge and motor parks that links the road to Lagos leaves any visiting customer with an “I am satisfied” look. The bank it appears has reengineered the heart and soul of her banking system and has achieved a new positioning which has seen it attract the best cooperate customers and business owners within its neighborhood. The effective robust and disciplined approach in this branch to attract more customers shows up as they see to it that every customer is satisfied before leaving the banking hall as there are security guard (official escort) to see you through the door. This has positioned the bank to deliver amazing value to every stakeholder.
The two ATM terminals at this branch were functioning well and you could even use it to transfer call-card credit to your phone, a service that is no longer available on most banks’ ATM terminals.
The compound was still being swept as at 11:23am while customers were coming in. There were fresh water marks on the glass window that suggested they have just been mopped. The Air-conditioner were working fine just that some of its wires were left hanging scruffily on the wall and there were not enough cups in the water dispenser for people to drink with.
Stanbic IBTC
Total garden, Orita-Mefa , Ibadan
A visit to this branch gives an impression that the service delivery should match with its company’s overview of “a leading provider of integrated financial services, pensions and wealth management products and services.” Is that really so? A visit here showed why they are still in business.
This branch of the bank places value on people and recognize that customers are their competitive advantage. The staff were quick and so kind in attending to the aged that came in pursuit of their gratuities and pensions. There is a section of the banking hall basically for them to be attended to with no stress on the customers’ part.
Due to the large number of people that patronized the bank on that day, many cars were parked in a small space that resulted in overcrowded and somehow reckless parking which was capable of causing accident and obstruction for other road users. The effort on the part of the security was not good enough. The banking hall was well designed with Air-conditioners functioning well.
The water dispenser was filled with water but not enough cups for customers to use. The ATM terminals outside the banking hall were functioning and printing receipt for customers that cared to have one.

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