Bimbo Oshin Evicted From Dolphin Estate, Relocates to Ibadan

Abimbola Oshin Ibironke, popularly known as Bimbo Oshin, has been thrown out of her Dolphin estate, Lagos Island apartment and she has simply resigned to fate and gone to join her husband, Ola Ibironke in the ancient city of Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state. You will not forget in a hurry how her husband had a rough time with his first wife whom he was living with in the United States of America. As the story goes, years back, Ibironke, a movie producer and music label record owner, while still legally married to his wife was having an affair with Bimbo who is an actress and a movie producer. Apparently these are trying times for the couple and we wish them the best of luck overcoming these hard times together.

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