Abducted girls: Women groups protest in Ibadan


Women protested yesterday in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, over the 234 Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, who were abducted on April 15. The women wept as they marched through the metropolis in torn dresses. They carried placards. Some of the inscriptions on their placards are: “Rescue our girls now”; “Enough of abduction”; “No to Boko Haram”; “Federal Government what are you doing”; “We call for an end to this abduction now”. The women marched on the police headquarters where  Commissioner of Police, Mr  Mohammed Indabbawa addressed them. Princess Adetona,  President of the National Council of Women Societies(NCWS), said the women decided to speak out their minds because the lives of the children are at stake, adding that the longer it takes to rescue the girls, the greater the danger they are exposed to. “We call for the urgent and complete end to the politisation of the nation’s security and for the security agencies to secure the lives of the most vulnerable and most precious resources :our children.” “These young girls are daughters, sisters, nieces and, as Nigerians and human beings, we join them in their anguish and distress. We want them back, safe in their homes where they belong.” One of leaders of the women groups, Mrs Betty Anyawu-Akeredolu, wondered why the government had failed to strengthen security around schools in the Northeast even after the devastation and pain of the 59 murdered?

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“When will the Federal Government accept the offers of assistance being made by friendly governments? Why are Nigerians not safer than they were few years ago despite the massive increase in Federal Government spending up to N1 trillion in 2013 and N845 billion in 2014. How is it possible in the age of drones and google maps and aerial shots that over 200 girls will vanish without a trace?”Indabawa said he understood the anger of the women and asked them to continue to pray for the girls. “Pray for the girls and I’m sure they will be rescued by God’s grace,” he said, adding that the Federal Government was on top of the situation.


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