Oyo: What manner of politics? (letters)


SIR: Few weeks ago, the city of Ibadan and indeed the world, quaked at the revelation that a den of kidnappers had been discovered in the Soka area of the city. The world was terrified and bothered that, right in its very before, some traffickers and merchants were trading in the entrails and other body parts of its people. While the state government, which rose to the occasion immediately, intensified efforts to arrest the situation, in conjunction with the state police command, politics, that ubiquitous vocation that is the preoccupation of the high and mighty, crept into the tragic discovery. First was a young lady who was said to have been hit by a vehicle at the Mobil area of the state capital, which dragged her remains down to the Adeoyo area of the city. Promptly, not one to be caught napping, Oyo politicians leapt on the scene and began to spin a yarn: she was a victim of ritual murder, a story primed to up sow the seed of fear in a state where the most essential win for the government in power is the peace and tranquility it brought after eight years of brigandage and thuggery. Then what was alien to Ibadan became the norm: mad men became recipients of people’s anger. One was apprehended at the Ring Road area, reportedly with human tongues. Before the drop of a hat, a cabal of political merchants went to town to spin the ridiculous: since the apprehended mad man was apprehended close to Oluyole, the home of the governor, he must be working for him! The mad man was promptly lynched by a wrathful mob. Two others were lynched within a week. I saw one beside Genesis area being rescued by police, his face bloodied. The police PPRO confirmed this animal sausage story.

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This revelation by the police confirms one thing: that animal sausage was planted by a God-knows-who on the mad men, with an intention that is clear: play politics, tar-brush the government in power, reverse the peace of Oyo State and make it ungovernable. Not long after, some politicians began an Albert Camus absurdity: government and not kidnappers, was responsible for Soka.

Some years ago, the Bayo Akala government was also tar-brushed by ostensibly this same set of politicians as giving pupils poisoned Indomie. The questions to ask are, why would politicians be this desperate for power? Why package animal sausage to look like human tongues? What is their intention? Is the blood of these madmen lynched by the provoked mob not crying for vengeance? Will police reveal the masterminds of this callous politicking? Are Oyo people so unsophisticated as to be arrested by these politicians’ kind of politics? May God help the people of Oyo in the hands of these evil politicians.

• Bilikisu Mumuni,

Opo Yeosa, Ibadan.

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