Oyo state plan to build tourism village in Ibadan

The Oyo State Tourism Board said on Monday that the state government would soon build a tourism village as part of efforts to boost tourism in the state. Gabriel Asaolu, the General Manager of the board, said this in a recent  interview. He said that the village would be sited at the premises of the board in order to attract people’s attention. Asaolu said that different types of cultural artifacts would be displayed at the village, adding that, anything that is cultural and natural will be there. “Different types of traditional games like ‘Ayo’ will also be at the village; there will be people to sell traditional foods and wine.Wears like Adire and the likes will all be sold there for people that visit to buy, rather than going to the market.By God’s grace, the place will be so fine that it will attract foreign investors; even foreigners will go there to relax.” he said. He added that the village would be built in 2014, and the state government would work hard to transform all aspects of the tourism sector in the state. Asaolu disclosed that government is also planning to renovate the tourist sites in the state, especially the Ado-Awaye suspended lake. “Very soon, the first phase of Agodi garden will be completed.Work will soon start on the Bower’s tower and other sites, while government has extended its transformation agenda to the board.” he said. “We have branded vehicle now, the road and gate to the board which was very bad is now motor able and tarred; the working environment is conducive for the workers.Our workers are happy to work, in fact, there is general transformation on tourism in the state, so let our people come to patronise us.”

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