6 Best Places to Shop in Ibadan


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Lemme go straight to the point. Sometimes you really want to get the good stuff at good prices and at the convenient place, not some online portal?! We have not come to a comfort zone in that area yet. But you want to shop especially in Ibadan, not Lagos o and you are wondering where to go to get what, you’re itching for someone to tell you. Well, TADA! In your face! These are places you can get what at good prices in IBADAN, Oyo state, Nigeria, Africa, Earth, Solar system…What’s the name of our galaxy or what comes after the solar system? This will help. There are particular markets that you can get things really cheap in Ibadan, because some markets specify in selling some certain things. Dugbe, Agbeni, Ogunpa: Heard of these names before? They are connected markets in Ibadan, more like the local business hub of Ibadan city.

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In Dugbe you can get new and graded clothes, shoes, bags, home ware also stuff to fill your pot and belly. Oh! There’s a shopping mall in Dugbe, in fact twin malls, that makes it two. So for those who love to shop on the side where there’s a lot of forming, knock yourselves out.

Ogunpa sells most of the products you would find in ‘Onitsha’, Made in China goods, and Nigerian Manufactured ones too. From household stuff, fashion accessories to hardware and machinery.

In Agbeni you can get household stuff, i.e. groceries, cosmetics, hair extensions and weaves, underwear, fashion accessories costume jewelry and toiletries at dirt cheap prices. Well, there’s also a store at Felele that sells stuff you find in Agbeni market at the cheapest prices I’ve ever seen in Ibadan, that’s if you can make a trip down there.

Not to forget Aleshinloye Market which I personally do not consider a market to get things cheap, it’s the kind of market you go to very smart and alert, but you can get plastic craft, home ware kitchenware, clothes, shoes, fabrics and materials for craft, groceries and back to school stuff.

Oja oba (King’s market) popular for fruits and raw food stuff like pepper, tomatoes, plantains, yams, and the likes go for great prices here.

Gbagi market popular for all the fabrics, shoes, bags, jewelry and other things you need for your owambe statement 😉 located on old ife road and there’s a link from the new ife express too.
That’s about most of them. Not all markets with specialties in Ibadan were discussed but most of the rest are neighbourhood and the new scout camp markets that sell a bit of everything.

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12 Responses

  1. joseph kayode says:

    I quite love this analysis but I would love to know if baking materials such as flour sugar yeast salt baking powder etc are cheaper in ogunpa agbeni such that one could trade from ado ekiti and still have profit after cost of transportation.thanks

  2. itunu 0 says:

    Where can I get nice dinner gowns

  3. Odunayo Akinbo says:

    You have done a very great job here and I so much give kudos to you for this because personally I. Have beenon the search for info on where I can buy things at cheap rates without having to go to lagos markets. But can you please help add some addresses of the exact shops where all the above mentioned stuffs can be found in those mentioned places in Ibadan? I will appreciate your prompt response. Thanks and welldone.

  4. Rose says:

    Thanks so much for ths on time information. You’re a darling. I have been thinking of either traveling to Lagos or Ibadan to buy all kinds of Lace and Aso Ebi. But it’s been so frustrating to get myself to either of these places as I truly don’t know my way around. Thanks for again. Please if you still can enlighten me more about this, I will be more grateful to you.

  5. obanla says:

    I need where I can get vest fabrics, so that I can take it to my tailor to sew for the pupils in our style

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