As Mrs Ajimobi turns 55

By Bisi Oladele

Family members, friends, associates and members of the Ajumose political family will today gather to celebrate the wife of the Oyo State Governor, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi who attains the age of 55 years. Chief Mrs. Ajimobi, a woman who cuts the image of honour, candour and elegance, brought new glamour to the office of the First Lady since May 29, 2011 when her husband was sworn in. Mrs. Ajimobi, whose husband fondly calls his ‘masterpiece of nature,’ makes a perfect blend with her husband as both are urbane in orientation, alluring in outlook, visionary and display huge will power to pursue their vision. Unlike some first ladies, Mrs. Ajimobi, like her husband, is not given to frivolities. She is serious-minded in everything she does, at least, in all her public appearances and official engagements. For instance, her pet projects are not the poorly thought-out types or mere activities aimed at just keeping the First Lady busy. A careful look at three of the projects attest to this. Her healthcare service project dubbed ‘Access to Basic Care (ABC)’ is a uniquely outstanding project that delivers better healthcare to the poor masses. The project attracts drugs, equipment and medical personnel from within and outside the country to deliver quality health services to the masses who cannot afford normal medical care in both public and private hospitals. Through her ‘Educate A Rural Child’ project, Mrs. Ajimobi is reaching out to a large number of children in rural areas who are struggling with basic amenities such as school uniform and books.

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She moves round the 33 local governments in the state to mix with this class of people, feel their pains and offers them opportunity to have decent education. It is not a one-off thing but a project being undertaken with passion and commitment. Rather than stay within the comfortable State Secretariat and receives beneficiaries, Mrs. Ajimobi visits the rural communities to sit with the children. It is impactful! The ‘Ajumose Food Basket’ is Mrs. Ajimobi’s project designed to meet the need of citizens struggling with three square meals both in the cities and rural communities. The project must have been developed from the belief that food is the basic wealth and the foundation for good health. She moves round the state regularly distributing food to the poorest people in the society and mixes with them to the level that gives them a sense of belonging. For three years, these last two projects have been sustained to the surprise of many. The two-year old ABC is the latest of her projects which started a mobile clinic. Mrs. Ajimobi is not the one that abandons projects, even in the face of huge challenges. Her promotion of culture, support for young, talented girls and women and integrity in all dealings is laudable. Mrs. Ajimobi is not only thorough, she abhors mediocrity and indiscipline. With love for beauty and orderliness, the Oyo State First Lady’s office radiates the ambience of an international agency or a multinational organisation, going by its touch of urbanity and sophistication. Though impeccable sources disclosed that Mrs. Ajimobi is determined to have a very low-key birthday celebration, it will be difficult for her to restrain wellwishers from stopping by to felicitate with a strongwilled leader and mentor of many. Kind, gentle, loving but firm, green-loving, Mrs. Ajimobi will clearly celebrate God’s faithfulness and the opportunity to have made such a great impact in the lives of so many people as well as the glamour and honour she brought to governance.

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