Relative connects another Ibadan forest of horror victim at hospital

By Bisi Oladele

Another victim among those rescued from the ‘forest of horror’ in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, simply identified as Nafiu,  has been  reunited with his relative. It was learnt that Nafiu’s relation, who is a member of staff of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, visited the hospital on Monday to confirm if Nafiu was her relative as reported in the media. ‘Yes, he is my relation. We did not know he is the one here.” The woman said in ecstasy on sighting Nafiu at the hospital on Monday. Nafiu also confirmed that she is his relation. But none of the seven victims who are now in stable condition, can be released to their families without police and the government clearance. The decision, it was learnt, is to enable a smooth completion of the ongoing investigation of the forest and the activities undertaken there. Identities are also established through documents including police report showing that the family reported the loss of the individual photographs and others as may be requested by the police. Nafiu’s is the second reunification with family members following Wale Atoyebi’s discovery by his uncle last week. Mr Atoyebi had visited the State Hospital, Yemetu last Monday with his wife to confirm Wale’s identity. He said Wale, his nephew, had been missing for three years. The couple were visibly elated on discovering Wale among the rescued victims of the horror.Several people who were armed with photographs and documents had besieged the hospital shortly after the victims were taken there to find out if their missing relations were among those rescued. But most of them were disappointed when they could not find them among the seven victims.

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