Ibadan kidnap victims respond to treatment


By Bisi Oladele

The eight kidnap victims rescued from the “forest of horror” in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, are responding to treatment. The victims, who were too weak to eat on Saturday, voraciously devoured large portions of food yesterday. When our correspondent visited the State Hospital, Yemetu, yesterday, the victims looked better than the previous days. However, abnormal behaviour by some of them suggests that they may be mentally ill. A reliable source at the hospital said a psychiatrist had examined them. The source said: “They are much better now. They are looking more radiant as you can see and are also now eating voraciously because their appetite has been restored. You know they were starved for a long time. Now that they are in a good environment with medical attention, they are eating very well. Their appetite improved on Tuesday. So, what the hospital does is to make provision for extra food, even for the night.” The source said those with psychiatric problems would be transferred to appropriate centres for treatment. Fewer people were at the hospital yesterday, as many satisfied their curiosity earlier in the week. One of the victims, Mrs. Cecilia Obaikhena (72), who disappeared shortly after they were rescued on Saturday, is still missing. Her children, who came looking for her from Lagos after seeing her picture, are still searching for her. Mrs. Obaikhena strayed away after the rescue operation. She was sighted by passers-by. It is believed that the old woman is roaming the city. Her son, Victor (48), said his mother was kidnapped in Edo State in 2008.

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