‘I entered a taxi and my mind went blank’: Victim of Ibadan ritualists narrates ordeal


One of the people found malnourished and near death at an abandoned warehouse in Oyo has spoken out about her ordeal. The victim, who can not be named, is receiving treatment along with others at the Adeoyo Hospital in Ibadan, the state capital. The woman is said to have stated that after she was abducted, her mind went blank and she only regained consciousness when she was rescued. She is believed to have been abducted since September 2013.

She said:

“I remember that I left my home in Okebola and was going to Challenge. I entered a taxi and that is the only thing I can remember until police rescued us yesterday (Saturday).”

When asked whether she did not see her captors killing people and selling their parts, she said, “I think such thing happened, but it did not really register because my mind was blank.

“I can recollect seeing people falling down, I can remember that some were taken away and they never returned, but really, it did not mean anything to me until Saturday. It was as if I woke up from a slumber.”

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