WTD ‘14: NANTAP to celebrate in big way


•Commends GEJ on confab
The National Association of Nigerian Theatre Practitioners (NANTAP), Oyo State chapter, will celebrate  this year’s World Theatre Day (WTD) on March 27. The Oyo State chapter chairman, Mr. Taiwo Ibikunle, has described this year’s celebration as a landmark with various events. The commemoration, put together in partnership with the Oyo State Council for Arts and Culture, will take place at the main auditorium of the Cultural Centre, Mokola, Ibadan, at 10 am. The event with the theme: “Wherever there is human society, the irrepressible spirit of performance manifest”, is authored by South African playwright, designer and director, just as Brett Bailey will be the kernel of discourse on the day.There will be various performances to show how various elements of theatre can independently and collaboratively buttress the subject of Brett Bailey’s message. Awards will also be given in three different categories. The event, which is significant  on the artistes’ body plans, was created originally as International Theatre Day (ITD) in 1962 by the International Theatre Institute as an occasion to underscore the art form and promote its impact on contemporary society. In his message as regards the celebration, the newly elected National President of NANTAP, Babatunde Obalana, whose theme for this year’s edition of the day, is “Nigeria at 100: Theatre & Culture, panacea to devalue insecurity and corruption”, praised the  federal government for successfully holding the centenary celebration of the Northern and Southern protectorates in 1914. “Now that the celebration has settled into the past, the next item on the rulers’ agenda is the National Conference”, he said.

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“After several years of turning down a national dialogue by previous administrations, President Jonathan has decided to bring to life a forum where  all stakeholders in the nation can renegotiate their continued association with Nigeria through a national discourse. We look forward to a productive, rewarding end product and wish all the delegates, some of whom are our Kinsmen, GOOD LUCK! May your roads be rough.

“However, we sound a cautionary note: These representatives should be mindful that the 2 or 3 months conference cannot possibly resolve all the problems that we have had to live with for the past 100 years of our nationhood. Yet, it can do so much to ameliorate the cries of the masses.

“Therefore, the delegates should know that the land is sinking and the youth are disillusioned so much that the road to hell seems more accessible than the promise-“Nigeria go better.”

“The centenary celebration and the coming national conference can only prove worthy if we can turn around our country from one filled with innate frustration to worthy accomplishment. At this point, I will dwell more on the arts theatre. It is a fact that the youth in Nigeria are gifted where it concerns creative arts, but what have we done with it? he queried.

“Let our delegates to the national conference know that posterity is a fragile and slippery ‘ogege’ tree, it helps history to pick her elements, rewards them accordingly afterward.

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