Alaran’s wife, Oluwatoyin Oladokun set to premiere Oko mi Owon

Alaran’s wife, Oluwatoyin Oladokun  set to premiere Oko mi Owon

IT is certain that Oluwatoyin Oladokun, wife of the late Yoruba comic actor, Oladokun Muftau, popularly called Alaran, is doing everything humanly possible to keep the memory of her husband alive, as she is now set to premiere her debut movie, Oko Mi Owon (My dearest husband) on Thursday, April 17, at Ayefele Music House in Ibadan, Oyo State. Oladokun, an actress, producer and businesswoman, revealed in an interview with The Nation that Oko mi Owon, which was conceived about 20 years ago, is based on a love story, involving a lady, Kunbi( Toyin Aimakhu) and Kelvin( Kelvin Ikeduba). Oko Mi Owon, a true life story, centres on love, sacrifice and inter-tribal marriage, among others. According to her, “Kunbi is madly in love with her husband, but something happens along the line. However, she can’t quit the relationship because she is deeply in love with her husband.” When confronted with the fact that it is almost an over-flogged story line, she countered, adding that “It is unique in the sense that the Kunbi goes as far as killing her child to win back her husband. The guy is involved in an accident, so he is confined to a wheel chair. But a doctor offers to take her husband abroad for treatment, if she will go out with him. She discusses the issue with her husband, who agrees that she should do the bidding of the doctor for his sake and that of their marriage.

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“So, her ailing husband is flown abroad for surgery. It, however, happens that the doctor eventually impregnates the lady in the process, thereby throwing up a series of high-voltage actions. She tries to abort it, but the doctor, who is desperate to have a child, places her on medication that rather helps the development of the pregnancy. However, when she is faced with the reality of losing her husband, after the truth has come to the open, she kills the baby with the assistance of her housemaid because she doesn’t want to lose her legally married husband.”


The Ekiti State-born producer further disclosed that the movie would be premiered in memory of her late husband who passed on in 2006.


Oko Mi Owon, which was shot in Oyo Alaafin and Ibadan, stars Ronke Ojo ( a.k.a Osodi Oke), Rasak Olayiwola(a.k.a Ojopagogo), Muyiwa Ademola( Authentic) Olaiya Ebun Oloyede( Igwe) Muyiwa Adegoke,( Londoer) Kelvin Ikeduba and Toyin Aimakhu, among others.

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