For how long should we have this hole at Eleyele junction?

For how long should we have this hole at Eleyele junction


This pictures were just sent in by one of our readers in Dugbe area. This accident trap has been lying here at Eleyele junction in Dugbe for weeks, with different ‘accident assisting materials’ like metal scrap from vehicles, long planks, heap of tyres, etc been stuck in here from time to time in a bid to create an awareness for the hole lying in the midde of the road, on the single lane, facing Zenith bank building at Dugbe.
Information reaching us has it that various accident had been recorded here, especially at night from over-speeding drivers.
Our question is, since we have a government in the state, for how long should we have this on a major road that has terrible traffic always . Please let the appropriate quarters help look into this ASAP.

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