Varsity student stab colleague to death

Varsity student stab colleague to death

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A student of Lead City University, Ibadan, Oyo State, Moshood Owolabi has been remanded in prison on the orders of a Magistrate for his alleged stabbing to death of another student of the institution Mr. Kolade Oluwaseun. Oluwaseun woke up a healthy boy on Sunday, January 12, full of life as he donned his dress and made for a shopping complex near his school to make photocopies of some documents in preparation for the semester examination that was to begin later that week. At the shopping complex, Oluwaseun, a 400-level student of Mass Communication decided to join a group of students in a restaurant when he discovered that the business centre he wanted to use was yet to open, a decision that later turned tragic as he became a dead person a few minutes after joining his friend. He was engaged in a hot argument and later fracas with a 200-level student of Physical and Health Education at the university, Moshood Owolabi  a.k.a. Essential (28), who allegedly stabbed him to death with a broken bottle.

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The Nation investigation revealed that fracas broke out among a group of students, which included the duo, at the restaurant at Toll Gate area of Ibadan, at about 10:30am on the fateful day. The students were said to be taking soft drinks when the argument led into a brawl.


Before anyone knew what was happening, Owolabi was said to have stabbed the deceased. Though he was rushed to Adeoyo State Hospital, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oluwaseun was confirmed dead on arrival and his body deposited at the morgue.


Owolabi was promptly arrested, but he denied stabbing Oluwaseun, alleging that it was his friends that hit him with bottles when they saw that the deceased had injured him with a broken bottle.


Owolabi, whose face was also sutured by the side of his left eye following injuries he received, told The Nation that it was a slang uttered by Oluwaseun that brought about the fracas.


Giving account of how it ensued, he said: “Kehinde Oladimeji, a 400-level student of Accountancy, who is my friend came to me on Sunday morning that I should follow him to do photocopy of some documents and smoke jedi. We were joined by Emmanuel Harrison (400-level Mass Communication) and Obayomi Obabukoye Franklyn (100-level Business Administration). The photocopy shop was not yet opened so we went into a shop to take soft drinks.


“While taking the drink, two guys joined us. Later, Seun came and said ‘you guys are enjoying, but you are inviting pile.’ He, however, said he would take the drink because it was cold. We asked him to pick a glass cup.


“On his way back to the table, he started uttering slangs and shouting: ‘who dey suffocate?’ Franklyn a.k.a. Da Grin then said: ‘Seun, you have come o. Before you came, everywhere was calm, why are you shouting? Don’t you have exams on Friday?’ Seun said he had papers and Franklyn asked him again ‘Then why are you shouting?’ Seun became angry with that and gave Franklyn a punch.


“We all stood up and challenged him for doing that, asking him whether it was because he was in 400-level and Franklyn was in 100-level. He kept quiet. I stood up and also challenged him on why he punched Franklyn and he smashed the cup in his hand and started ‘jabbing’ me with it because he felt I was siding with Franklyn.


“Others stood up when they saw blood gushing from my face and started beating him. By then, I was looking for water to clean my face. I eventually removed my shirt to clean the blood. By the time I went back inside the shop, I saw Seun on the floor; everybody had ran away. Some women started shouting that he should be rushed to the hospital.


“I tried getting a cab but due to the blood running all over me, the driver refused to answer. The sales girl also ran away but when she came back, she met only me. She was advised to hold me responsible since I was the only one left. I was not the one who stabbed Seun. Kenny, Franklyn, Harrison and others were the ones who descended on Seun when they saw my bloodied face. They picked bottles and started using it on him.”


When asked why they should react to ‘who dey suffocate’, a phrase he claimed he didn’t know its meaning, Moshood said “that is the work of the devil.”


Moshood admitted to the police that he used to smoke Indian hemp because it helped him to read very well had a strange picture of an axe, gun, hammer and other weapons in a box found on his phone. And when asked why he had such a picture he said he copied it from the display picture of a friend called Bobby, also a student of the same institution.


Both Harrison and Kehinde, who were witnesses to what happened on that Sunday have, however, punctured Moshood’s argument in their explanations.


Narrating his own side of the story, Harrison said: “Seun came and greeted everybody. He went to buy Pepsi and came to us, uttering some slangs. Franklyn now told him not to shout as he was not the only one in the shop.  He turned to castigate Franklyn for talking to him and gave him a punch. The duo started fighting and Moshood joined in defending Franklyn.


“While all these were happening, we ran outside and came back inside. I was even shouting and pulling Moshood off. Before we knew what was happening, we started hearing breaking of bottles. Moshood and Seun came outside and Moshood stabbed Seun on the neck.


“Kehinde and I ran to the school gate to alert the security there. I also ran back to the toll gate to get the ambulance there so that we could rush Seun to the hospital. By the time I came back, Seun was bleeding. Kehinde used his shirt to bind the neck.


“Even, when Moshood was trying to get a cab, he beat up an old man; he was beating up everybody on his way. Blood was flowing all over him and everyone was scared seeing him like that. When we got to the hospital, we were told that Seun was B.I.D. (Brought In Dead).”


The sales girl who spoke in confidence also confirmed that it was Moshood who stabbed Seun contrary to the acussed claim, stressing that Moshood was apprehended when he was about to escape on a motorcycle.


In a telephone chat with the Director of Corporate Affairs of the Lead City University, Dr Ayobami Owolabi said the incident has thrown both the institution and the family of the deceased into mourning. He said being a police case the institution would take appropriate action against Moshood after the police must have concluded their investigation


When contacted, the police spokesperson in Oyo State, Olabisi Okuwobi-Ilobanafor, confirmed the incident and said that the case had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Iyaganku, for further investigations.


Meanwhile, Moshood on Monday, January 20 appeared before Magistrates’ Court 2, Iyaganku, Ibadan, on a two-count charge of conspiracy and murder. The sitting magistrate, Alhaja Sefia Oyediran, remanded him in prison custody and adjourned the case till February 3, for further hearing.

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  1. ONAARA says:

    Both Harrison and Kehinde should be remanded also because the case now involve two thing. moshood is saying another and them are also saying another. so i believe they should judge the case right way

  2. saki obaro says:

    Da grin and dat bastard da essential should die in jail. killing a 400 L first class student… fact they should hang this murda fuckers…and u harrison and all ur bastard militants…make I no catch any of u for lagos….fuck all of u……kenny u u

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    I attended The Polytechnic Ibadan between 1988 & 1992 I never witnessed a single fight. There were cults but you never hear of any violence. This Moshood guy is not only a liar, he’s also a drug addict and a killer, he needs to rot in jail.

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