Changing Face Of Ibadan

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Ibadan which is undoubtedly the largest city in West Africa is home to a large number of people both indigenes and foreigners. The city is known for some great qualities and traditions. We may not go into these but when you mention the name Ibadan, what comes to mind is the calmness and relative peaceful environment. It’s a synonym.However, Ibadan was also known for its dirty environment in the past but the story has changed for good. It’s incredible I must say. People don’t attribute dirtiness to Ibadan any longer.

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Nowadays, when you mention the name Ibadan or better still want to have a discussion on the city, some great happenings cannot but come to mind in your topic. Is it the first fly over at Mokola constructed by the first civilian administration in Oyo state we want to talk about or the Ajumose shuttles that were introduced earlier in the year to cater for the transportation of the teeming populace?


Other things visible to the naked eyes are the road constructions and dualizations inside and outside of the city; the newly renovated and constructed private partnered shopping malls for ease of shopping which also have other facilities for relaxation like the open spaces and cinema; construction of first modern markets in the state; weekly sanitation exercise and even more importantly is the employment of about 20,000 youths in the Youth Empowerment Scheme. We can go on and on talking about these achievements. They are no doubt unprecedented and laudable.


There is this saying that Ibadan people resist change and find it hard to adjust. While this may be true to an extent, we can in actual fact see that the majority of the dwellers over the months have seen the necessity for these changes and have embraced them because it has actually been realised that if a city like ours must compete with other great cities of the world, then, this is the path that must be towed to achieve good success and outcome.


Ibadan is no doubt prepared to accommodate people from other neighboring states especially Lagos which is already congested and screaming for help.


We are already witnessing this change as the traffic in Ibadan is getting busier by the day. This is ironically a good sign and with the large number of people moving in and out of the state on a daily basis, we know what to expect in terms of economic development in the state in about 2 years from now. Surprisingly, many new firms and companies are already fully established in Ibadan and no longer the one leg in, one leg out thing it used to be in the past. Company owners and employers are no longer in doubt of the economic prospects in Ibadan.


The good reputation of the city is back and better than what it used to be.

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