Oyo govt should release seized Okadas


By Jimoh Mumin

I am using this opportunity to inform the Oyo State governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, about the hundreds of Okadas still detained at the office of the Oyo State Transporters’ Enumeration and Registration Scheme (OYSTERS). These Okadas were detained because the owners could not pay the stipulated N3,000 registration fee. While those in the higher cadre of economic status might feel that N3,000 is an insignificant amount, we should remember that the World Bank recently made it known that over 100 million Nigerians live below one dollar a day. Among these 100 million people are Okada riders, who are being forced to pay N3,000. The money is said to be for providing them with uniforms and identity cards.

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I want to say that N3,000 is just too much for these people to afford. In Ogun State, Okada riders only paid N1,500 for uniforms and identity cards. Even in Oyo State, those who had paid are yet to be given the items, while those who didn’t pay had their Okadas seized, thereby, rendering them jobless. We should all remember that joblessness is one problem that is leading to an increase in crime in this country. Therefore, those who have had their means of livelihood taken from them could resort to crime to keep body and soul together.

What is, however, a source of worry for me is that despite the suspension placed on OYSTERS, there are still hundreds of Okadas in its headquarters. I am, therefore, calling on the state governor, Senator Ajimobi, to order the release of the seized Okadas with immediate effect.

Jimoh Mumin,
Akobo, Ibadan

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