Leah Abiara’s changing lifestyle


By Kayode Alfed

It would appear that the lifestyle of the girl-about-town, Leah Abiara, has been reshaped by marriage. The controversial daughter of Pastor S. K. Abiara of the Christ Apostolic Church got married late in 2011 to Ibadan big boy, Omotunde Nero, much to the relief of family and friends.The claim that marriage imposes a lot of responsibility on people appears to have found complete expression with Leah.

Read MoreShe has not only adopted a quiet lifestyle since she got married, there are also speculations that she may turn fully to God and follow in the footsteps of her father in no distant future.Before she got married, Leah was always in the news for the wrong reasons. It was so bad that her father appeared to have given up on her fast-paced lifestyle. Now happily married, the leggy Ibadan socialite has been keeping it so low that she is getting off the social scene.

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    Wat a mess nd insults she can still for gud wit prayers

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