Lagos-packaged shows: Entertainment stakeholders kick against exploitation

By Tade Makinde

Entertainment stakeholders in Ibadan, Oyo State, rose from an emergency meeting on Friday, to decry the blatant disregard for its local content and involvement in most of the shows brought into the Lagos-based organisations and promoters.

The stakeholders, consisting of artistes, managers, show promoters, club owners, DJs, among others, while speaking to R, on Thursday, said that they were disappointed with the almost non-involvement of Ibadan entertainment personalities in most of the shows brought to Ibadan.

While noting that when some artistes were contacted, they were treated shabbily in front of their Lagos counterparts, a situation which they said they would now put an end to.

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An artiste, who pleaded anonymity, said that he was contacted for a show that was held this past week and that his name was used to sell the show, only for him to be sidelined on the day of the event.

This trend, according to the entertainment stakeholders in Ibadan, was unacceptable and must stop.

‘We must rise against exploitation of Oyo State artistes. Our PR agencies, Djs, comperes etc are as good as any other from other parts of Nigeria. Most of the shows that come to Ibadan are failed shows in Lagos but they come to Ibadan, take our money without using any of our content.

We are rising against further exploitation and efforts are on to take steps to stop the trend,” the dejected musician said.

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