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Performing with Tiwa  Savage was a blessing

By Victor Akande

HOW does it feel like winning Project Fame?
I feel blessed and I’m so grateful to everyone who voted for me.
How was the experience in the academy?
The experience was awesome because we sang all through and that’s what I know how to do best.
At the beginning of the contest, did you imagine you would win?
Not really, because we all had equal chances of winning.
What would have been your reaction had you not won? I’d still be grateful to God for making me a part of the top six Was there a time you wanted to give up?
Sure, there was such a time but I had to encourage myself.
How do you hope to survive the music industry especially now that you have a platform already?
I think I would try to be myself, identify my unique selling point and showcase it in my music career. I also intend to go the extra mile to add value to what I do. These are the things I can add to the industry.

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In your view, do you think you can surpass the success of past winners like Chidinma and Iyanya?
Only God knows how my journey will be because he brought me here.
How did you get to know about the show?
I got to know about Project Fame on TV.
What did you want to become while growing up?
I wanted to become a medical doctor before I got into the University but along the line, I discovered my passion for music.
What were your parents’ reactions when you joined the show?
They were happy about it and they supported me with prayers.
How did they receive the news of your victory?
They were so excited and I saw the happiness written all over them.
How have your phone and social media accounts been like since you won?
I think the right word is busy.
Have you tried to participate in the show before?
No, I have not. This is actually my first time.
What encouraged you to partake in Project fame?
A friend of mine actually advised me to give it a try.
Tell us about your best and worst moments during the contest?
The first five weeks were quite challenging because I didn’t open up on stage. After that, I started enjoying myself due to help of the faculty members.
How do you intend to do to remain relevant in the entertainment industry?
I intend to be myself all the time and carve a niche for myself. One really requires the influence of God as well.
How do you plan to combine show business with your education?
I’ll have to work harder than I used to.
How did you discover your talent and when did you start singing?
I discovered my talent when I got to the University though I had been singing since I joined the choir.
What would you say was the secret of your success?
I would ascribe it to God and hard work.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself being a voice in the music industry by God’s grace.
Do you have a girlfriend?
No, I don’t.
What was growing like for you?
Growing up for me was normal. I am from an average family. We are six in number and I am the first of four children; three boys and a girl. We all live in Ibadan from where I auditioned for Project Fame. In my family, my parents can afford to give us education and as we speak I am a 400 level student of Agronomy at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH. There had never been a musician in my family until I started though.
Did you have any crush on anyone while at the booth camp?
No, I did not.
Why did your colleagues refer to you as PIMP?
They refer to me as pimp because I use to help them customise their phones when I was in 100L.
We know you have a bias for Jazz music. What genre of music would you eventually settle for because we saw that at the grand finale there was a switch from soul to Fuji?
I can do any genre of music depending on what my fans want. Like I said, I’d also try to stay true to myself.
What kind of relationship do you have with your mom because you seem to be very close to your father?
I’m close to both of them.
You claim you don’t have a girlfriend, are you a player?
No I’m not a player.
How do you intend to spend your prize money?
I intend to spend it wisely.
Who among the contestant was your strongest contender?
None, because we all are unique in our ways.
What was it like performing alongside Tiwa Salvage?
Performing with Tiwa is actually a blessing for me because I respect her so much.
What was your best moment at the booth camp?
Every moment was interesting for me.
While in camp, did you have any favourite contestant?
I love all of them.
With this success, would you dump schooling for music?
No, that’s not going to happen.

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