Is this a bank or a mini-market?

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Okay! some are posing for photos, some-wooing girls, some selling this and that including recharge cards and pure water, some struggling to withdraw, some waiting for their turn to complain about faulty transactions with ATM, some fighting to stay on queue to deposit money gotten legally and illegally, some waiting for their debtors to withdraw and settle them with stern faces, some chilling for their friends and family, some corpers wanting to access their ‘allowie’, some just enjoying the air-conditioner, some squeezing themselves in between ladies and women with ‘extra-ordinary endowment’, some sleeping and about to start snoring, some stalking for would-be victims to be robbed when they get out, some are just there, for reason they cant explain….and its all in that BODIJA (AWOLOWO JUNCTION) BEAUTIFUL BANK day’s work in Ibadan! lol.

So which bank is it naa?

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just stumbled on this accidentally but you are good and i’m hooked already.

  2. beejoel says:

    I’m guessing GTB cos of d orange-ish. Civilisation is a thing of the mind. banks cannot divert their capital into creating departments that will ensure its customers are civilised. Individuals should work on themselves.

  3. Damilola Adeniji---Mz Fowoshere says:

    Dis is Gtbank @Awolowo, Bodija bside Uba. Its no news cos the bank is always crowded, i wonder wat dey r turnin in2 dis days, but its gettin worse & dey nid 2 do sometin abt dat particular branch.

  4. mz Olabiwonninu says:

    Auuuch!Gt bank aint surprise dou,its alws lik dat evrywia ncludin Lasgidi(Ikeja computa village)I guess d bank is usin jazz afteral dey aint d only bank operatin wit zero acct…#jus sayin

  5. Adeseun says:

    Lol,that’s definitely GTB

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