Don’t give up! An inspiring story by Mr Tunez the filmmaker.

Read this inspirational story by one of Africa’s filmmakers representing Ibadan globally – Mr Tunez

Some years back,I was privileged to meet with the Managing Director of a multi national company. He was the head for West Africa. After the elevator opportunity to talk to him, he was impressed with my creative mind and asked me to call him. I put a call through to him and we discussed at length. I was a young graduate from school…he was so humble and he talked to me each time like his peer mate. Acknowledging my acting and voice over skill then, he asked me to do a jingle for his company and he was going to push through management such that it gets accepted and used for their promotions.

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He gave me key points to use and watch out for. I was so glad, I went to the studio to see my music producer friend and he told me I needed like fifteen thousand naira thereabout to produce what i had in mind. I didn’t have any means to get that money, so I sold my laptop for twelve thousand naira and off I went to the studio to lay voice and all…The work was mixed and it was really good. I used the medium to create a cartoon voice over story which I intended to sell for potential radio content. In ecstasy of delight, I showed my closest friend when he came from school and he loved it…and we were glad about possible opportunities that could spring forth from there. I put the two master piece(jingle and cartoon) on my blackberry curve phone as a means of storage since there was no other means to keep them.

Some weeks after, while I was waiting for the opportunity to come so I could submit the song and also get a potential buyer for my contents, an urgent need came for me and my friend to travel down to Lagos for an interview. we packed our things and off we went from Ibadan to Lagos the following day. An hour into our journey to Lagos, we heard a gunshot, our driver stepped on the brake and the car came to a sudden hault…Lo and behold, it was an armed robbery attack. Our vehicle was directly in front of the hijack… Everyone came out in fear, noises everywhere, people ran helter skelter out of fear. There were sporadic gunshots. My friend was long gone with others seeking for refuge. I sat in the bus waiting for what next to do. One of the armed guys came to me, spoke in English and asked me to come down quietly. He told me to empty my wallet and pockets which I did. He then asked me to lay on the express road. I gave him my phones and the money in my wallet. I moved away from the road and laid close to the curvet…then I saw other passengers lying there on the road, having been robbed of their belongings. I saw my friend ( Timi Adeyeba )there lying and trembling in fear..I felt relieved seeing him fine even though pretty well shaken up #sigh.

After the incidence, the content which I sold my properties for was gone…I felt really sad and empty. I had no money, no content to pitch to anyone… I lost all. This affected me for a long time but I kept believing other opportunities would come. I was traumatized and constantly afraid to travel or take risks… What if it doesnt work? What if I am robbed again? What if, what if…so many what ifs…

I know there is someone giving up on his or her situations. Who feels all hope is lost and gone…some one who feels the last tool of survival has been taken away by the devil. I am here to remind you that God did it for me.

I look back sometimes into those days and I laugh. I have created contents that are much more cost effective and valuable than those ones I lost. More opportunities have come and gone…

“Paul planted Apollo waters but God maketh increase. “ Never give up. There is light at the end of every tunnel .


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