INTERVIEW: Models shouldn’t defile themselves for what they can’t defend – Ex beauty queen, Eniola Christabel

It will be an understatement to say the beauty Queen, Eniola Christabel was joyful as she was announced as the Miss Ideal Nigeria ECOWAS in 2017. The dream of travelling as a beauty queen in garnish of other queens that was a mirage became a reality.

The beauty queen double as make-up artist, philanthropist, and a fresh graduate of Mass Communication, in this interview with Taiwo Okanlawon, reflects on her journey as Miss Ideal Nigeria ECOWAS for one year, her next plan among other issues.

Who is Eniola Christabel?

A model, a make-up artist and graduate of Mass Communication. I was born on December 17 in the 19s, the first child of a nuclear family of three to Mr and Mrs Folaseye Amuzat. I am from Oyo State, a native of Ibadan, Lalupon to be precise. I am a Christian. I attended Seed of Life School Nursery and Primary, Ibadan Oyo state, Regina Mundi Girls only Secondary School, Iwo Osun State for my junior classes, then completed my senior classes at All Souls High School, Ibadan Oyo state and I studied Mass Communication in The polytechnic Ibadan.
I derive joy in photo shoots, gisting, meeting new faces and make ups. I like honesty, humility, trustworthiness, so much hate lies, disappointment & deceit.

What motivate you to become a model?

I started modelling because of my huge passion for modelling and love of being in front of the camera. I am charismatic, bold and courageous.

You were Miss Ideal Nigeria ECOWAS 2017. Tell us what it is like to hold that position?

Being a Miss Ideal Nigeria is like a dream come through, especially the privilege to work under House of Twitch.

Prior to your victory as Miss Ideal Nigeria ECOWAS 2017, what were your aspirations for the position?

Miss Ideal Nigeria is a pageant that is always in search of a queen with the heart. My role is championing charity and empowerment programmes throughout my reign. And of course, be shining example where ever I am. With my poise, charisma, & courage to make impact in the African society.

How were you able to manage the position of beauty queen and school?

It’s been God, the balancing is not so very easy like I thought. Mostly, I try to do my modelling and make-up classes on weekends when school is in session and when there is holiday, I make sure I use it judiciously. I fix media tours, events, shoots during the holiday.

You have won several awards. Can we know some and what is an achievement that you’re proud of?

– Miss Ascom in 2013,
– Top 10 miss charismatic Nigeria 2015,
– Top 5 Miss Oyo state 2015,
– Face Of Fashion Africa Culture 2016,
– ANUCA awards; Campus choice student model of the year 2017,
– Cover page of Travelscope Magazine
– Africa Icon awards; Most Famous queen of the year 2017,
– 2017 Brand face for luxe and elan,
– Miss Ideal Nigeria ECOWAS 2017
— ENYA awards; Humanitarian queen of the year 2018
— House Of Twitch Humanitarian queen of the year 2018

I am so super proud of all, sometimes I don’t believe I could attain all these.

How as being a beauty queen affected your life?

It has changed quite a lot of things about me. I’m mindful of what I post on my social networks. It is a lot of fun, but it can be exhausting especially when you are just coming up and because you are not that recognized. I have positioned, branded and look good at every point.

In the aftermath of your victory as Miss Ideal Nigeria ECOWAS, what sort of attention did you get from men and how did you deal with it?

It’s normal “Oju ko le ri oun to rewa, ko ni oun o ri nkan”. So, I make friends with those who are supportive to my career. I do daddy zone, uncle zone too.

Many young ladies look up to you and want to take same route like you. Do you plan to train young women who want to become beauty queen?

I did a project in April tagged “THE HERALD” , which was centered on aspiring models and beauty queens. It was A 4-Saturday Summit with medical check up, intensive catwalk training , opportunity to brand face of the make-up outfits and many more.

And also I just concluded my unisex pageant “Face Of Western Nigeria” on the 11th of November which held at Owu Crown Hotels Ibadan . It’s the maiden edition and was themed Kings & Queens. It focuses on promoting skills acquisition and basic education. I didn’t just plan to train female models, but decided to me queens & kings maker.

With the just concluded “Face Of Western Nigeria” how was your experience as a beauty pageant organizer and not a participant?

Planning was filled with hectic days & requires a lot of brainstorming. When the idea came it looked simple, OMG it wasn’t , but huge.
My respect and blessings to every pageant convener, being a contestant in the past with the thought of organising a pageant was beans.

Eniola, the convener and Kings and Queens of Face Of Western Nigeria

If this first edition is successful, how do you define success

(Smiles) Hmmmm…yes, at least for a start. All my contestants went home with a title (a platform to give back to the society).
FWN got more positive reviews. Even now that the pageant is a month, we have been receiving messages from those who are eager to participate in next edition, brands that want to support too and many more.

Talking about gender inequality in Nigeria as women are considered subordinate to their male counterparts, what’s your take?

As a young achieved parity, I feel this should start with our young girls been trained to embrace the strength within them and realize their full potentials. Believing they are confident, brave and bold.

Since their parents is giving them the best gift ever that is greater than gold which is the formal education. Giving lectures that will help to get away the darkness of ignorance and be matured enough to combine intelligence with character so as to make their dreams become great visions.

They aren’t weak, but to be stronger than their fears. They don’t just grow up to a sister, wife or mother but a woman of great vision that can change wherever they find themselves, even the nation. They must be matured enough to know what the future hold and how to face the reality, not just thinking about marriage and bearing children. They should learn how to be independent, ambitious and enterprising i.e have vocational skills.

What advice would you give to an aspiring model?

To every flawless and beautiful aspiring model; Please, Put God first in everything you want to do. Always get your parents support. Never get intimidated. Don’t defile for yourself for what you can’t defend. Be focus. Be ready to learn.

You have graduated from school, what’s your plans now?

Super ready to show the world the best version of me . I want to set up my make up outfit also. Then grow stronger and better in every of my pageant editions.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

It is not ambitious to dream of being the global ambassador for big brands because it is the desire of God that one should leave beyond their immediate territory. I intend to have grown to the international level and conquer on the world stage. Also, I want shop without checking the price tags as well as owning a beauty school.

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