Mild Drama as Fire alarm goes off at Gtbank Bodija today.

Mild Drama as Fire alarm goes off at GTBank Bodija Today.

You all know how banking halls get to be jam-packed on a Monday morning right? Now imagine a rumour of a fire outbreak right inside a fully packed banking hall!
Can you imagine the commotion!

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That was exactly what happened a moment ago at GTBank Bodija here in Ibadan. As customers were going about their normal duties, suddenly the fire alarm went off.

Initially, most people in the hall actually thought it was probably ‘one of those’ sounds in facilities like that of the bank, so trust Nigerians, they didn’t even blink, nor move for a split second, especially those that were on the queue.

But, the moment smoke started coming out from different sides, that was when the reality of the situation dawned on most people. Then, they were quick to marry the smoke, to the sound that was already blaring in the air. Fire!!! Fire!! ‘Ina ni o’, ‘Ina ni o’ rent the air!

Ladies and gentlemen, come and see drama o! The whole banking hall went into frenzy immediately and everyone went straight for one place -the exit! One would think God was actually just outside the banking door ready to drive to heaven, with an almost filled caravan beckoning to a few more to join the train! The way people climbed on themselves to get out!!!

There was only one main exit, which could only take one-two persons at a time, as the trap doors were yet to be opened, due to the sudden pandemonium. Men left their bags and possessions and ran for their lives! Women didn’t even care about their iro, which was already lost as they struggled to gain access to ‘heaven’. Come and see ladies in Purdah (Eleha) climb on able bodied gentlemen, just to make it out. It was a sight to behold.

Of course, the situation was put under control when the security operatives, came in and calmed down frayed nerves. It turned out to be a false alarm and people finally became relaxed.

Till now, some people are still too scared to get back into the banking hall to continue their transactions; they can be seen outside littering the premises and still trying to catch their breath as we write. The country is bad, the country is bad, but no one wants to die jor 😂

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