A candid letter from the Governorship Aspirant of ANRP – Olalekan Ayorinde

Dear people of Oyo state,

Hope this letter meets you well. My name is Olalekan Oladotun Ayorinde, a native of Ibadan in Oyo state. I’m writing to notify you all of my intention to vie for Oyo state gubernatorial candidacy on the platform of my great party, Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party.

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Though I presently reside in the US, I was born and raised in Ibadan. I started my primary education at St. Anthony’s school, Molete Ibadan. In my third year, I was moved to Bishop Vining nursery and primary school, also in the Molete axis of Ibadan. In 1981, I started my secondary school education at Methodist High School, Expressway Ibadan and I graduated in 1986. I proceeded to The Polytechnic, Ibadan for my OND and I graduated with an HND degree in Mass Communication from Ogun state polytechnic in 1996.
Throughout the journey above, I lived in Ibadan. Life and living was at its best. I didn’t have all the present day gadgets to play with neither did I have internet to browse on. Yet I was a happy kid growing up. All that was at my disposal for fun was football, table tennis, and board games. As a kid, we had all the basic things that are considered luxury today. Everything worked. We had pretty much uninterrupted power supply. Potable water was running. There were hospitals and healthcare centers. Security was never an issue and the roads were in good shape. In short, we weren’t wanting for basic infrastructures. Above these, my parents had jobs. They were able to put food on the table without worry.
So as not to bore you with what you already know, kindly juxtapose the situation above to what we are presently experiencing in our country, vis a vis, Oyo state. No more basic infrastructures. Kids go to school under the harshest conditions. People are no longer safe, even in their own homes. Parents take home pay can no longer take them home, talk less of providing for the family. Unfortunately, we are the parents this time around. Our country has been taken over by normalized deviation. In short, the system is broken.
No country can power itself into the future with generators and neither can any economy thrive on just services.
Being a program lead at a fortune 500 Bio-pharmaceutical company in America has afforded me the opportunity to learn about people and people’s management. I’ve been part of over a billion dollar project right from inception till date. I’ve been involved in various projects in different capacities. I’ve been very successful in most and failed in some. But each time I’ve failed, I’ve learnt and I’ve made adjustments. And it has helped me prepare for bigger opportunities.
It’s time to stop the pilfering of our commonwealth and start investing in our people. Provision of electricity and potable water to drive manufacturing jobs. Investing in education and healthcare. Fiscal accountability and responsibility. These and many more I intend to embark upon for my state, the pace-setter state if given the opportunity.
Thank you and God bless our state.

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