Ayefele Vs Ajimobi’s issue, from a broadcasters view.

By Adeola the Broadcaster (Ibadan)

I warned a few people don’t get involved they will rubbish all your love , commitment and fight ,because this guy has no choice than to still come back to the govt. Also, when husband and wife settles you won’t be there even if you’re there how they will settle it will put you whom had taken sides to shame. Everybody ends up being a pawn. More so when the person who got his house demolished begins to get compensation left and right he won’t share it, neither can he because the sympathizers are too many to be shared it with.

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I was tired of the case since sef . But ,glad some others made names through the whole mess.Also, now The station finally can surely arrive as No 1 in Oyo state. Congratulations to all the mugus involved . Now ,also there’s now divided political opinions too,but hurray to all the wise politicians who milked the situation and the foolish ones who didn’t have an Olivia pope the Mr fixer, the adviser,the strategist cos I hear Peace treaty was made possible by a certain politician that starts with T and not the former cbn money bag, nor any other from APC, nor aspirants from the opposition party,like the man who went their the same day of demolition to stand with the station and win the hearts of the people. This shows politicians are blinded by their selfishness, if not if I were to advise one great person from the opposition party like one who went to do a solidarity campaign that same day,talking about the engineer should not have criticized the government/governor openly rather go and meet govt to see how to resolve the situation and make a peace parley too. That way he will outrightly win whether he succeeded in brokering the peace treaty or not.anyways we the masses are the worst mugu in all of these.
May I also add that mother earth has smiled on the spokesman of the station whom has now become one of the most populous News Editors in the Southwest region if not Nigeria as he was the voice and face of the station, I won’t be surprised if he gets an appointment in near future as Commissioner for Information or so somewhere. Ha, let’s not forget the most cursed man whom was in a way the most afflicted ,talking about the man who is the voice of the government. Hmm! Demolisher says to the owner of the demolished ha aburo mi ni, I just thought to teach him a lesson or two. And, they all laughed and shook hands, but where does it all leaves the man who stood valiantly as the voice of the gods.What happens to the image and dangerous perceptions now built about the gentleman whom is the government’s spokesman ? What happens to all the protesters who went about wunjoring people in town and almost caused riot after the demolition? How bout that woman that was half naked trying to kill herself when she saw the partial demolition? By the way, Well done to the man who brokered peace parley , you have succeeded to buy over a little bit of the lost image of APC in Oyo state, more so succeeded in winning back some vote loyalty for APC from PDP due to the political empathy displayed by the engineer. Anyway, one thing I know is that we are mostly the mugu.

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