It was all fun and Orijinality when Orijin Nigeria brought Orijinal Nite to Ibadan.


Friday 9th February 2018 brought the city of Ibadan locked down at Trans Amusement Park, Ibadan. Trust fun seekers in the city of Ibadan who started arriving at the venue as early as 5.30pm for an event that was slated for 7pm. The atmosphere and ambience was all fired up. The sound was world class and the lights brought glamour to the normal quiet Trans environment.

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The event started in full throttle and the crowd was agog. One after the other, different acts climbed the stage to deliver awesome performances.

orijin_nigeria--1518248801875-865171044.jpg                orijin_nigeria--1518248754516-990546966.jpg

When Terry Apala grabbed the mic and got on stage singing his cover of Ed Sheran’s ‘Shape Of You’, the audience flew into extreme excitement. It was an energetic performance.

orijin_nigeria--1518248751624-261286907.jpg                orijin_nigeria--1518248754293-1047468097.jpg

To cap up the night was Bonsue King Adewale Ayuba’s performance. Trust the music legend to deliver awesome with his up to 30 years experience in the game. The live band with him gave the whole even a feel of #Orijinality as he rendered hits after hits from his collection. It was indeed a refreshing night.

img_3015-1236111248.jpg               img_2991848809157.jpg

We cant but mention the awesome performance by #ThePaws, the traditional dance/drama group that did a great justice to the meaning of ‘Back to the roots’. They gave a very engaging performance of dance and drama that kept the audience shouting for more. In short, #OrijinalNite was indeed a night to remember.

orijin_nigeria--1518248753932932959904.jpg                orijin_nigeria--1518248753230-838740343.jpg
Of course, there were lots of free drinks, munchies, prizes, gifts and so much more for all attendees. Thanks to 9mobile, some people actually won great prizes like fridge, freezers, microwave ovens etc at the event.

img_20180209_212312-824145477.jpg                              img_20180209_212309-1162442413.jpg

See more images from the event below.

img_30351509746072.jpg             img_3096-1956068146.jpg

orijin_nigeria--1518248752298-1928246942.jpg               orijin_nigeria--1518248800843-2098367821.jpg

orijin_nigeria--15182487528651483087913.jpg               orijin_nigeria--1518248754516-990546966.jpg

orijin_nigeria--15182488014401253319486.jpg              orijin_nigeria--1518248751624-261286907.jpg

img_3078-355907504.jpg              img_30801476050976.jpg

orijin_nigeria--1518248799512906071782.jpg              orijin_nigeria--15182488011401607407168.jpg

orijin_nigeria--15182487998571631117517.jpg               orijin_nigeria--1518248800473-904781447.jpg

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