Pictures from Ibadan Auditions for “August Visitor”

The project #AnotherStagePlayInIbadan (ASPII) kicked off officially in 2016 as a repertoire project aimed at contributing significantly to the revival of the theatre culture in Nigeria by producing quality theatre productions quarterly and bringing smiles to the faces of her audience. The project which started small has consistently grew it’s fan base and has made it the most anticipated and sought after stage play production in Ibadan. We can say that the producer and director of #ASPII Babatunde OJOBARO fondly called Mister Rain has not only brought in a touch of creative professionalism, he has also proven to understand what his audience want and has always exceeded the expectations of his audience per production.

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IMG-20171110-WA0022                IMG-20171111-WA0026

This of course explains the reason why there was so much crowd from different parts of the country when #ASPII called for an audition in preparation for the next stage play production scheduled for December. This explains only one thing, Ibadan is beginning to appreciate and accept stage plays as an original genre of complete entertainment.
                        IMG-20171111-WA0036  IMG-20171111-WA0019
“We want to use our platform, even though it is still growing, to discover new talents and help groom them as they pursue their dreams.
                        IMG-20171111-WA0011  IMG-20171111-WA0000
We also want to have a touch of freshness, hence, the reason for the audition.”
Mister Rain in his own words has also explained that the next production titled “August Visitor” for December 10 2017 will be everything funny and more and we believe him.
                       IMG-20171111-WA0010  IMG-20171110-WA0021
Meanwhile right now we don’t envy the judges at the audition as they will be having a very hard time selecting from all the amazing and beautiful talents that came in for the audition.
Kudos to the #ASPII team.

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