Wemimo Ayo David drops awesome track ‘Were’. Download and enjoy.

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A new super track from the unusual Gospel Artiste Wemimo AyoDavid “Were” (Easily) produced by Bazzik T
“Wéré” talks about casting all your fears and burdens upon God, trusting Him completely to do His wondrous  works.  He has never failed, He will never fail neither will He start failing in your time
With all those problems, mountains, difficult and impossible challenges, Wemimo AyoDavid charges you with this song to drop them at the feet of Jesus, trust in His word and hold on to His word for you shall return with abundance of testimonies.
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Listen, download and be the next in line for a miracle as you diligently seek and trust God. Amen
Download Here   WERE by Wemimo
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To the King Immortal Invisible 
The only wise God 
Nothing is too difficult for you 
Africa can I hear you shout
Now clap your hands oh ye people 
It’s  a simple song 
It say Wéré 
Now Wéré means Easily 
Jehovah El Easy 
God that does the impossible with ease 
Verse 1
Are you afraid or leaving in fear 
Why don’t you call upon His name and relax
Do not fear, cast your burdens upon Him
He’ll give you rest,  He will be your help 
If you believe (Believe)  
Mountains will fall (will fall) 
The storm will be over (over) 
When you believe (believe) 
Just call His name, every knee shall bow 
Things will turn around 
In Jesus name 
Wéré Lo ma ba o se ooo
Ebami konri 
Wéré Wéré 
Wéré Wéré ooooo 
Wéré Wéré 
Wéré Wéré ooooo 
Ohun ti o ro (oh oh) 
Ti o ro (oh oh) 
To ta ro pe ko se e se
(sing with me) 
Ohun ti o ro 
Ti o ro 
Ti o ro pe ko  se e se
Lo ma ba o se o 
Wéré Wéré 
Wéré Wéré ooooo 
Verse 2
Then I say,  yes Sir 
Eyin le to be Eyin le jo be lo oh oh oh oh oh 
Arabataribiti Aribitirabata Eledumare 
Who can open the door You shut
Who can shut the door You open 
I believe in the Lord 
I believe every spoken Word 
You will do exceedingly
Abundantly above all
I could ask or think 
He has done exceedingly (exceedingly)
Abundantly (Abundantly) above all
(and you know when the enemy comes like a flood the Spirit of God raises a standard against him) 
Wéré Wéré 
Wéré Wéré ooooo 
Wéré Wéré 
Wéré Wéré ooooo 
Which kind God be this o 
Which kind God be this 
Which kind God be this
Which Kind God be this 
When I think about 
How far You’ve brought me 
I’m amazed by the works of Your hands 
You just dey burst my brains 
You make things easy 
Jehovah El Easy easy easy 
Wéré Wéré 
Wéré Wéré ooooo 

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