An Evening With Ghandi Olaoye

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If you are in the City of Ibadan, don’t miss an Evening with Pastor Ghandi Olaoye holding at Nu Streams Conference Centre, Klm 110, Abeokuta Express way. 5:00pm on 21st October, 2017.


The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus House, Washington DC, is one of the biggest Redeemed Churches in America and it has earned its respect in that part of the world. It is one of the over 15,000 churches under the RCCG of which Pastor Enoch Adeboye is the General Overseer.
The first fellowship of the church took place in 1995 at the District of Columbia with just few members. And in 15 years, the church has grown into a dynamic non-denominational, multi racial and multi-cultural international church where praise is steadfast and preaching is practical. Despite the fact that the Church is founded and pastored by a Nigerian, the church attracts worshippers based abroad from over 20 nations who have made Jesus House their home church. While there are hundreds of faithful volunteers who are committed to serving Christ in over 60 ministries. The church is situated in Philadelphia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, a thriving community rich in ethnic and racial diversity.
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The church is pastored by Pastor Ghandi Olaoye. He has been the Pastor of the church since inception. Pastor Ghandi Olaoye is a visionary, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is fondly called “Pastor G”and is known for his servant heart and leadership skills. Pastor Ghandi was born and raised in Nigeria. He has a degree in English Language and a Masters on Industrial and Labor Relations. He was a successful entrepreneur before the call of God came upon his life to become a Pastor.
Pastor Ghandi has been Pastoring since 1992, where he pastored 3 RCCG Churches in Nigeria and also RCCG Parish in Bonn, Germany before moving to the United States.
Pastor Ghandi is passionate about helping others develop to their fullest potential; his experience traveling and speaking internationally has helped shape his commitment to showcasing a ministry where people of all racial and ethnic groups worship God in a loving and caring atmosphere. He is currently the coordinator in charge of Convention and Special Projects for RCCG, North America.
He is happily married to Pastor Omo who also played a key role in running the affair of the church. His wife, Pastor Omo is the founder and Pastor in charge of the Jesus Women Ministries, a women’s ministry that addresses pertinent women’s issues from birth to old age, with a view to positively affecting these areas in line with the Word of God.
The Jesus Women Ministries is the women’s ministry of the RCCG Jesus House, DC.
She has the call of God upon her life to preach good tidings and hope to the poor and the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, as well as reach out to women of all ages with a vision to helping them live their full inheritance in Christ Jesus.
Pastor Omo loves and lives on the uncompromising Word of God. She relishes in praising God and proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ. She believes very strongly in the efficacy of prayer, and knows without an iota of doubt, that God answers prayers.
Her life is a continuous testimony of a woman living the overcoming Christian life.
She is the joyful mother of Fehintolu and Toluni, the wonderful set of twin girls God blessed them with for her 40th birthday and after 11 years of marriage.
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The church has a wide range of ministries attending to the different needs of the church such as Soul Care, Believers Academy, Leadership Team, Audio Visual/Multimedia and others. There also have different services on a weekly basis which addresses the different needs of their church members. This include Children of Issachar, a Monday meeting with emphasis on Career/Employment; Judah, a Tuesday meeting with emphasis on Healing; Armor Bearers, a Thursday meeting with emphasis on Pastor, Leaders and Church; Faith Clinic, a Friday meeting with emphasis on Healing and Levites, a Saturday meeting with emphasis on Immigration Issues. Just like the parents church, they also hold Night Vigil on every first Friday of each month each attracts thousand of worshippers from all walks of life. The Sunday service is another church service that attracts thousands of worshippers too. And right now, the church has two structures, the Main Sanctuary and the Annex.
The church also hosts event regularly which has always kept them in the news as they are an expert in hosting big and life changing events that has transformed a lot of their worshippers. Some of these events are Winter Prayer Retreat, The Marriage course, Summer Day Camp and others. They also hold an annual award called, Star Gospel Awards, to honour Nigerian gospel artistes based in America and UK. The likes of Segun Obe, Muyiwa Olarewaju of Riversong, Gbenga Owoeye of Wyse, Agboola Shadare, Niyi Adams amongst others.
Another thing you can take away from the church is their ability to capture the city and its environs with their different community services which include Haggai Business School, Youth Development Community Centre, Neighborhood Car Wash and Lawn Care Service, Young Adult mentoring programme, The King’s Table, Rapha Health and Fitness Community Program, The Redeemer’s Community Development, Redeemer’s International School amongst others.
The church has a stronghold with its Haggai Business school and its health clinic.
The Haggai Business School is a subsidiary of Jesus House. Its goal is to aid people in the community to actualize their business ideas. It also assists ongoing business to expand and develop their entrepreneurial skills by guiding them in setting and achieving measurable goals while maintaining absolute work life balance
Rapha Health and Fitness Community Program organize an annual health fair and fitness program that provides general health check up and screening for anyone in the community.
The Rapha health programme has been ongoing for at least 9 years and offers health screening to the community in the following areas: HIV, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Glaucoma, Diabetes, and Dental. Other services include Physical Therapy Consultation and “Ask the Pharmacist”. Future plans include establishing a health clinic that caters to the underserved and uninsured community.

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