We need waste collectors in Ibadan


RESIDENTS and traders in various parts of Ibadan metropolis recently  clamoured for the return of private waste contractors, to enhance the evacuation of refuse in the state.

The Oyo State government recently said that its  contract with private waste contractors had been terminated with effect from May 5.

It added that the Oyo State Waste Management Authority (OYOWMA) now had the mandate tocollect waste, in line with its commitment to ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

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The government had alleged that the private waste contractors were responsible for the indiscriminate dumping of refuse in unauthorised places in the state.

Ibadan residents have however said that the state government should reconsider its decision on the prohibition of the private waste collectors.

They appealed to the government to recognise and integrate the private  waste contractors into the state’s waste management system.

Admittedly, the services of the private waste contractors had become less efficient, especially in the last few years.

However,  if they are made part of the waste managers in the state and are adequately regulated, they would help to ensure that the  heaps of refuse we see on the roads are cleared immediately after the weekly sanitation exercise.

Many residents have indeed been clamouring for the return of the private waste contractors. Their thorough  supervision and integration into the state’s waste collection system will do a lot of good.

Even cart pushers are efficient and fast in  discharging their duties and they can be co-opted into the waste evacuation system.


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