Micra Taxis In Ibadan: Necessity Or Menace? Part 2


On the other hand however, one can consider the Micra taxis to be a menace as the activities of some of the drivers of this vehicle leave much to desire as they tend to flout every known traffic law and often pose dangers to themselves and other road user as they manoeuvre into tiny spaces which more often than not are spots where they shouldn’t be ordinarily. They are the ‘kings’ of the road in Ibadan as private vehicle owners often cede the way to them in order to avoid collision.

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Some dwellers of Ibadan have also recognized other menace beyond traffic offences as it has been claimed that kidnappings and robbery operations are carried out using the Micra vehicle as it can easily meander its way out of trouble in the event that the criminals using the vehicle need to make an escape from law enforcement officers. Based on this, some people have advocated for the car to be banned.

It is however pertinent to note that the proponents of such bans have only resorted to taking a drastic cosmetic approach to an even deeper societal issue. The crux of the matter is that there is a lacuna (crime) which must be addressed as the Micra car itself would not embark on a crime by itself but its only a tool been employed by some unscrupulous elements in the society. So banning the Micra car as been advocated by some folks wont automatically translate to an end in crime.

Conclusively, Micra taxis have become a part of day to day life in Ibadan and their menace(s) can be curbed with strict guidelines and punishment to serve as deterrence to potential offenders.

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