Micra Taxis In Ibadan: Necessity Or Menace? Part 1



Almost every Nigerian city is synonymous with a slogan or a particular feature that dot its landscape, which has more or less become a mainstay in the city and has always defined it.
Each city has its own distinctive feature and mode of transportation which it is reputed for. Lagos for instance is reputed for its hustle and bustle as well as its yellow and black painted buses also known as “faragon”. Osun and Ekiti state are known for their “Korope” buses. Ibadan on its path was/is still reputed for its brown roofs, and the ubiquitous Micra taxis which are easily noticeable to visitors and inhabitants regardless of the route they tread to make their way into the city.

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One is often left to wonder how the micra car, a mid-priced student vehicle in Europe found its way into Oyo state and has succeeded in becoming the official taxi of the state. The car got into the consciousness of Nigerians in late 2005 as it was brought it by the Motor Dealers Association (M.D.A). it began to gain ground with more demand as reviews from users shows that its fuel consumption is economical and its easy to maintain. This buoyed motor drivers to tilt towards owning a micra vehicle in order o reduce maintenance cost and increase profit.

Hence, this made the car to be leased out on hire purchase and it gradually became the “official” taxi of Oyo state which is witnessing a glut of Micra taxis.

There is no doubt that Micra taxis have come to stay in Ibadan and it has become apart of day to day life. Thus, the need to access its impact on the way of life of everyone in and around Oyo state.

From the foregoing, one can deduce that the micra taxi is a necessity for commuters who do not own a personal vehicle but need mobility from one point to another.

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