We need Ibadan State!


I want to crave the indulgence of all Ibadan people, especially the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII) and the Mogajis. I want to suggest that all Ibadan indigenes fight and ask for Ibadan State.

I don’t know why Ibadanmesi are so silent about Ibadan State. Ibadan needs to join the old regional capitals which had, for many years now, been made new states in their own right, for example, Kaduna and Enugu. Therefore, it should be possible to carve out a State from the densely populated Oyo State. Ibadan people, please do this for next generation to be proud of you and for the sake of your ancestors too.

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During the reign of Oba Odulana Odugade, whenever he gave an address, he always asked for the State. But since his demise and since an Ibadan son became governor, the agitation for Ibadan State has stopped.

If Ibadan State is acualised,  this will usher in sustainable developmet for Ibadan. It will also make Ibadan indigenes to be more committed to their fatherland.

Moses Odeniran: 08033730655

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