Ibadan residents in fear over OPC bloody attack


Some residents of Ibadan, Oyo State capital, have expressed concerns about alleged security threat to their life and property following reported plans by a faction of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) to carry out reprisal attacks to avenge its member.

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They urged security agents to tighten security and ensure that those behind the bloody attack during Saturday’s Yoruba Summit at Adamasingba Stadium in the city were brought to justice, to avert a recurrence.

The residents are in Ibadan North West, South East, Ibadan North, Ido and Ibadan South West.

Areas considered the strongholds of the group have expressed fears over the threat to their security.

An octogenarian, Alhaji Ismail Adejare said that, except urgent actions were taken to prevent the attack by some OPC members, the lives of the residents might not be safe because others were planning to unleash reprisal attack on the city.

He said: “In a city where we have laws and law enforcement agents, it is still a shock that such a bloody attack could happen at a very important function by prominent Yoruba leaders. Yet, nothing has been done to ensure that the perpetrators face the full wrath of the law.

“It is in the absence of that the same OPC members are threatening the lives of the people. Let the government come in and perform its role to the citizens. We have a responsible government that will not fold its arms and allow vagabonds to take over the city.

It must not allow anarchy. I hope all those planning to attack the people should also prepare to face the music.”


(Edited By Olamide Michael)


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