#MyIbadan: I Cannot Play with my Ibadan… – SadeBlaq


My name is Folasade Ogunleye popularly known as Sadeblaq.

I am a songwriter and performing artist.

I was born and bred in Ibadan,my primary and secondary education in Ibadan, I went ahead to study Music Technology at The Polytechnic Ibadan.

I love #MyIbadan because Ibadan is a land of opportunities.

You don’t have to be an indigene before you make it in Ibadan,that is why Ibadan is referred to as “ile to gba onile to gba alejo”  (a land that accommodates both indigenes and non-indigenes) peaceful and accommodating.

Most of the artists you see at the top today started from Ibadan.

I cannot play with my Ibadan…..anywhere I go, I will always refer to Ibadan as my home. Very rich in art and culture with so many talents.

And most importantly, I can never joke with my sumptuous bowl of amala with abula and assorted meat (‘Badan loni yen)

I love #MyIbadan nobi small


Can You Ever Joke With #MyIbadan?

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