My Theater dreams might be crazy… – Mister Rain (Stage Play Producer)

Mr Rain

Mr. Babatunde Ojobaro a.k.a Mister Rain is the No 1 stage play director in Ibadan; he has directed few known plays in Ibadan and Lagos. He is a mix of stage plays and events. The  happily married director is also a very vibrant actor. He recently had a chat with one of our correspondents at office…

Can we meet you sir?

My name is Mr. Babatunde Bojobaro a.k.a Mister Rain. I am a movie director, a student of Art, actor an MC, PR, comedian, Content for developer, general merchandise.

Can you tell us about your background?

I grew up in Lagos, but University education brought me to Ibadan. I had my tertiary education at the premier University of Ibadan where I studied my dream course, Theater Arts though I first went to Olabisi Onabanjo University where I studied Business Administration, but I left the school after some years to Theater Arts where my passion grew from been a course of study into my future.

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Talking about passion, how did it all begin?

Passion is ones natural life, ones you figure it your schooling and profit in it begins. I started out the very first day that I discovered my talent and passion. While at Olabisi Onabanjo University I was more active whenever it comes to acting, singing, dancing, I know business admin was not my life but I just wanted to be in school, after few years of study I decided to chase my dream by applying into University of Ibadan; I was also active at school too, I was always the ready and happy when it comes to getting on stage, it did not take me long to find my field in directing, I became my class director that year till 400level. At 400level fears gripped every one of us, the norm is that every theater art student do not have a place outside school than Nollywood but I stood against such thought, I faced reality after school by stepping up my life, I secured a job at a theater company where I worked for few years.

After some years there I told myself that I cannot be here forever I have to start a new revolution so I relocated to Ibadan with “Another stage Play” insurrection. I got an idea of starting something unique in 2016 the title looked funny but the true meaning is “There will always be another stage play in Ibadan and everywhere” so I started out with the best team and since then we have had a couple of successful plays both in Ibadan and Lagos. Also, I have directed some other plays like The Coat, Idanre (Wole Soyinka), Concussion, and many short films.

How was Ibadan response to your stage play revolution?

For every attempt you will face your challenges, when we started out the response was really low, mean low, there were days we had just families in a paid hall, after few events back to back, I had to seat myself down to know what I was missing then I got know that many prefer to go for shows than watch a so called STAGE PLAY. I decided to have a mix of plays and shows where people can get a touch of fun and stage, I told myself that people wants to see consistency with valuable content which will make them come back. The last concert was really mind blowing, the response was good and it pushed us to want to do more, that is why we decided to have Another Stage Play tagged “Man Talk, Woman Talk” today, 4th of September. We hope Ibadan will support and watch this stage plays.

How were you able to train the comedians, OAPs and other artistes to act?

As a director everybody can act. All you need is to train them, inspire them, motivate them and work diligently. Nothing is impossible when you decide to do it.

What should Ibadan expect in this play?

Everything we promised should be expected. Our culture is to exceed your expectations. That’s why we posed our new play “Man talk Woman talk” it is more like a court settings. We have also infused different fun sections for Ibadan’s Entertainment.

Come to think of it, What inspired this particular play?

Well, our environment, the fight for gender equality and inequality, domestic violence, divorce and every man and woman arising issues inspired this. This phase of this play means a lot in every society, it is a phase that will encourage, that will heal many lives and promote war against domestic violence, yield awareness. And then, it is a way of bring modern theater to life in Modern Ibadan.

How have you been able to balance marriage and work?

Marriage and work are two different things. Marriage is forever while work is for a period of time. No man should allow work hit too much into marriage, every work takes time but balancing all matters. I time myself so much, I do rehearsals at a stretch but I do not do night rehearsals. So I have a work like every office man and I have a closing time as well. Also, having a woman who understands everything about you matters, my woman knows and understands me, she is always ready to stand by me all the time.

People know you as MC Rain, what inspired the change of name to Mister Rain?

Well, “RAIN” was gotten from my surname Bojobaro (If rain falls), my friends do call me rain or Ojo, I got used to the name and turned it to a Career name in 2004 with the prefix MC then Mister.

Secondly, at every point or the other every brand needs to upgrade, after few years in my career, I decided to stop limiting myself but rebrand for the best. I stopped being only an MC/ comedian, so I decided to change my name to Mister Rain which covers for all other things that I do. As we all know that “Your name goes before you”.

What is your Exclusivity?

I figured out that stage play is beyond what we used to know. There is stage play and Modern Stage Play which I stand for. I believe in giving everyone the opportunity to have fun beyond acting and co. We are original, we spice up our plays, and we light up your cheeks with laughter and give you something to talk about. Our being original is reality, we sometimes write our play, we sometimes give youths paid platforms to showcase their talents by writing plays while our crew act, we try to do all we can to help youths from now, not after we are big. Youths needs opportunities and platforms to grow. If anyone out there is waiting to blow before they help people in need, the truth is they may not get there.

What is your short and long term goals in life?

My short term goal is to keep “Another stage play in Ibadan” alive, to keep it consistent as possible. While our long term goal is to have our own theater where we can have our shows anytime, any day. We also want to be a first class stage play crew with our own theater and also give people opportunity to have a theater to use freely.

Words of aspiration

Nothing is impossible, you may be a crazy dreamer but if you want to do it, you will do it. I am Mister Rain – I believe nothing is impossible even with my crazy dreams.

Quickly, can you answer this one; Why do married men love to walk around without their ring?

Well, your ring is not a determinant in your marriage; it is not about the ring but the commitment. I like to wear my ring but you can have your ring and still get out of hand. You Are the True Ring (Commitment)

Watch out for this arising gist at “Mans Talk Woman Talk” this Monday 4th of September, 2017.

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(Compiled By Olamide Michael)



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