#MyIbadan: Ibadan a state of Peace and home of tourism – KingOdua.


My Name is Prince T.k.o Adewuyi , An Entrepreneur in the pace Setter City of Ibadan.
Ibadan is a safe and clean state to live in. This state is peaceful, it is a home for tourism from the ancient structures.

Quality personalities in the city as continuously helped my profession as an Event planner with a security outfit.
In #MyIbadan we have Malls, cinemas, lounges, parks and more infrastructures coming through.

We also have quality concerts with Great Minds
Despite the hustle and bustle, #Mylbadan Maintains her pace setter credibility as the home of intellectuals.
Come and see for yourself the Ancient city turned to a New city (NEW IBADAN)
Where the 1st premier school, and other facilities where established before other states in the country.

I love #MyIbadan. A home of peace.


I love #MyIbadan
Do you love #MyIbadan?

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