Toothpaste Therapy the Cheapest Way To Remove Blackheads.


Toothpaste is a thick, soft, moist substance used on a brush for cleaning one’s teeth so they say, I have learnt and experimented over the years that toothpaste is way useful than what we use it for.

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Some do use toothpaste for different things like cleaning a glass, bags, surface and so on.


One quick question! Have you ever seen anyone around you rub toothpaste on the face? I can imagine how irritated you are right now; you do not need to feel irritated at all, this has been tested and trusted by many people and myself.

When I heard about it too, I felt so irritated but then I had to give it a try to remove blackhead and tack-acne which was becoming embarrassing to my beautiful face.

At first it seemed like a waste but after some days of use I saw the obvious.

Well, using toothpaste is cheap and of an advantage to you. Let us dig deep into the use of it.


First step, get a new toothbrush, wash your face, put your toothpaste on the clean toothbrush thereafter, apply the toothpaste with the toothbrush on the blackhead area gently, rub softly for some time then after 10 to 15minutes, you can rinse it off your face.


After rinsing, you can apply liquid milk for 5minutes, and then rinse it off.

This is optional but recommended; Milk softens the skin and helps powder stay longer on the face, with milk therapy you do not need foundation for the day!


You can also do without the toothbrush; you can apply with your hand then leave it for 20minutes, after 20minutes you rinse it off your face, milk is important when doing without the brush; for effective result.

toothpaste 5

All this ways are very effective because toothpaste contains some elements of hydrogen peroxides, baking soda, witch hazel and alcohol.

This entire element is composed to get rid of strains, tanning, and pimples, nail foil, blackheads and aches from our lovely face.




Avoid toothpaste eye contacts. This can damage your eyes.

After use, clean the toothbrush with hot water and clean completely, before using again.


And of course you can scream …I AM BURN FREE!

Look good always… You are your own lifestyle.

Compiled By Olamide Michael)


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