#MyIbadan: Ibadan is a city where you can live comfortably without breaking the bank – Babajide Fadoju

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#MyIbadan Campaign

My name is Babajide Fadoju and I’m the Special Adviser to the Governor of Oyo State, Governor Abiola Ajimobi on media. I reside in the cultural city of Ibadan.
I was born and bred in Lagos but I relocated here a few years ago, so I can say I have a good knowledge about the the city to a very good extent.
It’s been reassuring, safe and cultural revealing to stay in this part of the South West.
With my background in Lagos and other parts of the country, I can say this city is one of best to live, especially if you are on a budget, and still want to have fun with your family at choice places in the city.
In Lagos then, I resume at my office at 8am and must have left the house by the very early hours of the day. Sometimes as early as 5:30am. Everything was too face paced. Everyone was in a hurry. Everyone was trying to ‘scam’ you with excessive prices on everything.
Unlike here in #MyIbadan, where I resume by 8am, but leave my house in Oluyole by 7:30am and still get the Government Secretariat by 7:50am.

Zero traffic
Zero hassles
Fresh air
Good people
Fresh and green food.

This is the only city you can take a bike for very long distances for N100! such distances attracts N1000 or even N2,000 and above in Port Harcourt and some areas in Lagos.
Ibadan is a city where you can live comfortably well without breaking the bank. I tell people that speak ill of the city to come and have a weekend, touring the Night clubs alone and they will see that Ibadan is a place to be for extreme fun.

Another amazing fact about the city is the security. You can leave your house at anytime and have zero fear about your safety. The Government here have anchored their plans on the security of lives and property, something very pragmatic.

Ibadan is a place you can take a walk with your family in the evenings without fear of Kidnappers, or area boys.

As for me, settling down after the hard day’s work, to a bowl of steaming Amala is an experience that can just be described as ‘Heavenly’!

In our cinemas here, you can see movies for as low as N600, eat your Amala and Ogunfe for as low as N300.
Our women are well behaved, they have home training in abundance.

Ibadan is one of such cities where you can live life to the fullest.

This and many other points are the reasons why I love #MyIbadan.

What are you reasons for loving #MyIbadan?

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