#MyIbadan: Ibadan has the standard of living many people crave for – Kolade Dominate


Today, Kolade Olowu a.k.a Kolade Dominate speaks…

My name is Kolade Dominate, I am an On Air Personalty, I was in born in Lagos but I moved to Ibadan 3years ago.

I remember when I used to go to other parts of the south west and I go through the brown roof city, I was always curious about what the city had that others did not and why it was special.

I moved in and I found out that the city had the peace other states did not have.

It had the easy life other states did not have. It is easy to live here because the standard of living here is what people in other places crave for.

I’ve been blessed here. #MyIbadan is my land of milk and honey.

#MyIbadan is the future.

I love my Ibadan

Is #MyIbadan a land of your milk and honey?


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