Why we are raising Agodi Garden’s status —GQ CEO

Yemi Lawal is an entrepreneur with a vision. His entertainment company, GQ, which started as a relaxation lounge for revellers years ago has blossomed into an outfit with three clubs and lounges, among other businesses. Set to take over Ibadan by opening a new branch at the vast Agodi Gardens.

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You are set to open a new lounge in Ibadan making it the second in the city. What is responsible for this?

When we started, I set out to redefine entertainment in the city of Ibadan. At that time, there were few places giving revellers the option to hang out and party in style. So, with Gentlemen’s Quarters (GQ), we wanted to open a place where upscale, classy people can unwind with every need of theirs looked after.

That is the GQ way and I am thankful that the dream was realized and is still expanding. The choice of Agodi Gardens was strategic. Asides that I and my team held the Ibadan Countdown Festival, arguably the biggest of its kind, there, last year, I realized that the venue offered serenity and the kind of ambience that suited my expansion plans. So, I decided to establish a lounge that would be exceptional, catering to those who know what it means to live and enjoy life.

Our club remains open to revellers but this place will cater to those who like a serene, cool ambience with soulful music, with intercontinental cuisines on offer. This will be the classiest lounge in Ibadan once we open on Sunday.


You expanded your club recently, opened an Ilorin branch, amidst plans for new outlets in other cities. How have you been able to achieve this without stress?

It has been the grace of God. I admit it has been tedious but my passion sees me through. I also have the best team in the world and they have been supportive all the way. Expansion is not easy but necessary in business.

I want to be visible in every major city in Nigeria. The GQ brand is an experience. We always strive to push the boundaries by giving fun seekers a wow experience. We were one of the first entertainment outfits to give local artistes a platform to showcase their talents with deserving remuneration. Our night life is one like no other.


How would you rate the entertainment status in Ibadan and Ilorin?

It is steadily rising. The idea of fun and entertainment is evolving and we are spear heading the revolution. People no longer rush to Lagos for entertainment because we bring it to them. Name any A-list artistes, we have hosted them at one time or another. People are now bold to dress up and go out for fun at night. Kudos to the governors and security outfits who strive daily to make the cities safe for enjoyment. We are, indeed, grateful.


How do you relax?

I am a family oriented individual. My father taught me the ideals of family life and the importance of having loved ones around always. To relax, you always find me among my loved ones. I also enjoy traveling and discovering opportunities.


(Edited By Olamide Michael)


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