#MyIbadan: Life in #MyIbadan is affordable and it has life value – Mr Tunez.

Mr Tunez

Today, Babatunde Akinayajo a.k.a Mr Tunez speaks…

My name is Tunez and I am a filmmaker and also an entrepreneur.  I was born and bred in the city of Ibadan.

I have spent over two decades of my life here in Ibadan. I am proudly a resident of Ibadan,  I have explored the nooks and crannies of this great city, from the extremely indigenous far ends like Itamaya, Amuloko, Lafiaji and Kukumada to the beautiful and serene estates.

I am so familiar with Ibadan such that I can manoeuvre my way from UI to Oje down to beere market without taking any means of transportation or going through the major route… I am that bhad, I am so familiar with the streets that ” I can throw you away ” within Total Garden and Ojooba. LMAO!!!
The cost of living in Ibadan is low and therefore, supports family life…in terms of housing, food and transportation.

#MyIbadan is affordable and has life value,  it is a great place to live, a conducive and moral environment to raise kids.  Ibadan can be funny, quiet, interesting, adventurous , cultural and cool all at the same time.
I have been to close to eight cities in Africa and trust me…. #MyIbadan has the cheapest cost of living , biggest in size, cheapest transportation and one of the most peaceful place to reside in.
I started my business in Ibadan and I am a proud Omobadan.

Most great things started here; From humans to establishment. It’s our heritage. I love #MyIbadan

Is #MyIbadan your heritage?


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