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Dawud Mubarak Babatunde a.k.a Tush is an Ibadan Afro- hip hop artist with a difference. He is a song writer and musician. Tush is a original Ibadan blood, he has dropped different singles like O daa o, , he recently dropped his single “Come with Somebody”. This song is no1 club rocker and it is for every ears to hear. He recently had a chat at office…

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Can we meet you?

My name is Dawud Mubarak Babatunde Aka Tush. I am an Afro hip-hop artist. The original Ibadan blood.

Talking of the name Tush. How did the name come about?

Tush was given to me by my friends while growing up. I do call everyone who is well dressed, speaks well or did something extraordinary “Tush”, people who speak well or does anything cool Tush, people around me got so used to it and started calling me Tush! Tush!! Tush!!! (Laughs). I remember I do tell myself that I am Tush and not Razz, so I must behave Tush even if I am not.

How was growing up like?

Growing up is fun, I am still growing though and I am enjoying it and then I can never stop growing. I am from Oyo state. I grew up here in Ibadan. My secondary school was at Abadina Grammar School. I went further to Ladoke Akintola University (Lautech), studied Agricultural Extension. I enjoyed childhood like an homeboy, every time I go to the hood I feel the love afresh. Ibadan is a lovely place to live if you are ready to look beyond. While growing, I had a crew “TMP” (Triple Map), we were always together doing freestyles back then.

How did you know you had the talent and how did you put it to use?

Well, I grew into music. I am a music lover and as a child every song was always a hit to me, I made sure I do my cover for each song. I grew into it and decided to make it a lifestyle, luckily my family was not against it which made things work out for me. I sang beyond the bathroom (Laughs), I wrote lyrics and studied good music and I did not stop at liking good music but doing good music too.

About Ibadan been a nice platform for artist to rise. How has Ibadan been helping your career?

I love Ibadan and I also love the fact that Ibadan is growing fast uniquely. As an Ibadan blood, I know how Ibadan was years ago but revolution is taking over in all sector including the Entertainment sector which is growing faster and as an artist the revolution in entertainment is a profit to my work. Ibadan is helping my career well, it is just some loop holes that needs to be attended to over time.

Talking about loop holes in the industry. What are the loop holes in the entertainment industry?

The major loop hole is money, which is every entertainment industry’s challenge. Like I said above that it needs attention over time. Money is a need that never finishes and is never enough. I know with time Ibadan will get to the promise land.

Talking of Favorite spots in Ibadan. Can you mention few spot?

I have a lot of favorite spot o; I grew up here so I have the choice of making different places my spot.  But then, my first favorite spot is my Room and the studio.

Can you describe your dress sense?

I love looking very simple and unique on shirt and trousers with my very low cut, no excessive jewelries and cute foot wear. For my native attire, I love Dansiki.


Is there a Bae or not?

I am humbly single.

Who are the people you look up to in the music industry?

I look up to growing artist in the industry like Kiss Daniel, Reekado Banks, wizkid, Davido, Lil Kesh to mention a few. Young artists are very vibrant and hardworking, they have made it known to younger artist like me that we do not have to be old to reach the peak, and we can make it young as long as we use our talent profitably and intelligently. The industry is no more for just the likes of 2face, but for us all.

What is your Uniqueness as an artist?

Every artist has their own uniqueness and that is what makes them stand out. My uniqueness is my flexibility in my music, I write my lyrics and I sing with any genre of music asides Afro hip hop which I do.

What are you popular for?

I am popular for my single “O daa O” which dropped few weeks ago.

What inspired “O daa o”?

“O daa o” is a song that speaks to every generation, race and clan. My inspiration was gotten from people’s frustration on making it. Many people who walk this land are not happy with where they are and they are not ready to manage the situation which they have found themselves so we all take our frustration of each other. My song is to advice everyone that one day money will come, wealth will come, time is all that matters.

How was Ibadan people’s response to your single “O daa o”?

Ibadan responded greatly o. Ibadan surprised me on this one. Out of all my singles I can say that “O daa o” brought a new wind to my music.

Will you talk about your new single?

My new single just dropped a few days back. It is titled “Come with Somebody”. It is already a club hit. People have been calling me since it dropped given positive recommendations. I am so grateful to God.

Over years what memorable experience can you share with us that have happened to you?

We all have a lot that has happened over years but survival is what we are made of and also learning from it matters also. Even if childhood is a scam our memories is not a scam.

So talking of Ibadan entertainment industry, what is your future projection for the industry?

My future projection for the industry is to be a mentor to many other artists. Mentoring goes beyond words of advice but to be a world class mentor who will not just do words but give big for the future of others. Many artist lack good mentorship, I want to be an open mentor who is ready to listen and ready to dream with other dreamers in the industry.

What are your short and long term goals?

My short term goal is for my music to be known. I want my music to touch souls, so that every time I drop any song people wait for it like no other. My long term goal is to be a mentor to many people out there, to be someone people will look up to.

What is your advice to people out there?

My advice to people out there is that do not stop doing the best you can. Chase you dreams, it is your dream no one can have your dream and when you get hold of it keep doing it, do not stop making it success.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Dawud Mubarak Tush

IG:  Tushismyname

Snapchat: Tushizdname

(Compiled By Olamide Michael)

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