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Tinu Smith A.K.A Datina is an Ibadan mother, Fashion designer, mentor, lifecoach. she is deeply passionate about music. She deeply has passion for women and youth empowerment, she has been having her event Colours of Worship years now. She recently spoke about her life, passion and event with Whatsupibadan.com

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Can we know you?

My name is Tinu Smith . I am a fashion entrepreneur, a gospel artiste, a relationship coach, a motivational speaker, a mother and a wife. I am God driven  and very passionate about women and youth empowerment. I am a goal getter, highly resilient and I believe there is nothing impossible if you believe in God and the potentials he has wired into you.

Tell us how Colours of Worship came into reality?
I have always been in the church choir as early as my primary school days. This also continued through out my journey during my university days till now. I am deeply passionate about music . Its my other passion apart from my fashion business. God gave me a burden to create a platform where his children can connect with him in true worship. This mandate led to the birth of Colours of Worship. Colours comes in different shades and we can almost loose count because the God we serve created colours which makes all things beautiful. That is how God has many beautiful sides to his character and we can never exhaust it. We would always be in awe of his beauty and glory.

What has been people’s response towards your past events?
We have grown in the past five years and we have a considerable number of followers who have testified they have been extremely blessed through our ministry. Many have been inspired to birth their own God given purpose and vision. We have testimonies about peoples encounter with God in different dimensions. We are glad to be a blessing to many out there.

What are people to expect during the Colours of Worship on 27th of August?
Our expectations are high for Colours of Worship coming up on August 27th, 2017; Tagged “Faith Untainted.” We look forward to God’s visitation and men encountering the glory of God in different dimensions .  This coming event shall be a moment of restoration, healing, illumination and establishment of purpose and visions .


You have been invited as a guest or motivational speaker in various events and you also run Datina Designs and Europa. How do you balance business,  gospel, charity, etc. along with family?

Balance is created by Gods given grace, conscious effort  and ability to put things in proper perspective. One has to determine what is most important at a particular time. I also discover I am wired for most of the things I do naturally so its not a struggle to fall into any of these roles but I am an extreme believer in family time . Its not negotiable at ALL!, Though there are times I make sacrifices but am grateful to God I have an extremely supportive spouse, who makes balancing ALL easy for me.

Words for aspiring everyone out there?
You can be whoever you want to be, go where you want to go or do what ever your heart desire to do! Just believe in God who has the ability to carry you and  make all things possible . Believe in your self and the grace by which you have been wired. Your perception determines your progression ! You are your only obstacle. If you can go beyond yourself , there is no limit to where you can go! This are the days to seek God like never before . These are the days  of his power! Carry your and walk in your faith and let it remain untainted by the world!


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