FG, speed up Lagos-Ibadan Highway rehabilitation


I had the opportunity of reading the report recently, that contractors meant to work on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, have abandoned work on the site as a result of finance issues.

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Although there are reports that more funds have been released for work on the site, I would want to encourage the Federal Government to ensure that the work on that site does not delay in anyway.

Reconstruction of that road is long overdue and the delay has gone on long enough. It is sad that so many lives have been wasted as a result of some selfish intentions which have occurred as a result of the abandonment of work on that road.

Seeing as it is a major road that links Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve-centre, to other states of the federation, the economic loss that has resulted from the bad state of the road is avoidable.

In fact, on one of my recent trips, a major bottling company lost so many bottles which got broken from an accident that occurred when the lorry conveying the merchandise attempted to manoeuvre a bad portion of the road.

While we commend the efforts so far on the road, I want to urge that work on the site goes on speedily.

This will help to reduce the spate of accidents, and unnecessary traffic jam. It will also discourage criminals from taking advantage of the bad portions of the road to perpetrate evil.

(Edited By Olamide Michael)




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