Humans of Ibadan: I prepared for my 3rd WASC exams as if my next breath after the exams depended on it – Mrs Oni

mrs oni

Memory is the faculty of the mind that brings past to the present. Schooling while growing up was a tough job for me. I was an average student who hated promotional exams. Every 3rd term was a nightmare, as I always had the fear of failing and repeating my class.

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I seemed to be the odd one out in my family as my siblings were all brainy.

I tried to read well with the mind of surprising many around me but it was always the other way round. I struggled till I had to sit for WAEC. Of course, my parent did not believe in me passing, so they advised they pay for examination malpractice (Mercenaries) for me, which I declined . Yes! I failed woefully. It was a bountiful harvest of F9s. I registered again for the next exam and this time I prepared well, better than before. So during the exams, I came, I saw but I did not conquer. Another harvest for the reapers! At this time I started loosing hope because I had gone for series of tutorials all to no avail. I toyed with the idea of not registering again, but my Dad wouldn’t give up on me. He registered me again and also got Mercenaries this time without asking me. I started classes as usual but this time I decided to seek God more to be my help. I became more useful to other people, I also helped in church. I read and prepared as if my next breath after the exams depended on it.

I prayed also though, as if it was the only yardstick to success. After series of preparation spiritually and physically, I went for the examination but I told myself that I wouldn’t be a part of exam malpractices. And I didn’t. Answers were called openly as it was a special center but I faced my work diligently. So whenever I got home then, my parent would scold me for wasting their money and vowed not to pay for any exams again that I was born to be an apprentice somewhere. Finally the results came and I was very pessimistic about it.

I had even contemplated going to learn any available handwork in my area, but I had to summon courage to check the results. I had to go and check at odd hours when the traffic was less. To my surprise I made all my papers, ALL! I was so afraid to go home because I knew they will think I probably passed due to the Exam Mercenaries.

On getting home, no one believed I passed without the mercenaries except my Dad. He said he just knew that the result was my handiwork, though he really can’t explain it.

Today I am a graduate of the premier University of Ibadan with one of the best grades not because I was brilliant but because of Focus, dedication and Almighty God. I am Mrs Oni.


(Complied By Olamide Michael)

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