Nigerian Television Fashion Show lures fashion buffs to Ibadan

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Fashion in Africa cannot be underrated by any standard. The industry is fast growing and developing in Nigeria. The exhibition of new styles and designs in the industry is matching global standard with its unique dynamic voice.

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In fact, African fashion, unlike any form of cultural expression, best expresses African culture, thought and belief-system. Fashion is considered important in our society as it is regarded as the apex form of all cultural and traditional expression. Fashion, as an industry, needs promotion in all areas and of all kinds. An individual cannot promote the fashion of an entire race or culture effectively; therefore, few private organisations are engaged in the promotion of African fashion through the media.

The city of Ibadan is culturally defined as a city of traditional style, art and fashion. Ibadan is also a creative city flooded by the presence of a significant fashion and design professionals. In this light, Woli Arole and Wumi Dew, presenters of Galaxy TV, hosted the best, largest and biggest television fashion show in Ibadan recently at Kakanfo Inn, Ring Road, Ibadan with the major player Steve Ojo.

The ‘Summer 2017 Collection’ showcased quite a number of models of the both s3xes. They were true representations of modern African society in respect to fashion. They exhibited the richness in Ibadan version of fashionable styles. This category of designers can be rated among the world-best; when style, uniqueness, quality and creativity are requirements for being rated best. It can be observed that the designs exhibited are mixture of traditional and modern African styles. In reference to the modern African styles; a bit of other cultural styles and designs from other continents are being domesticated into the African societal fashion.

With the list of countless fashion designers, whose works were exhibited in the television fashion show.  The list paraded; Arewa Fashion Designers, Heritage fashion Institute and many others.  In a conversation with Mr Saliu Jamiu, Chief Executive Officer, JB Fashion Institute, he figured it out that his “creative works have travelled across the globe, adding value to humanity” he continues “as for my concerns and goals, fashion is the only way I can add values to myself and others. What I mean by adding values is not limited to the outputs alone, but the economic advantages of the industry are of great importance. It has reduced drastically the number of unemployed youths in the society. Having food on one’s table is good, but not ignoring the poverty of others is better. As for me,  I can only speak through fashion. ”

Speaking with Seyi Willaims, Chief Executive Officer of WillyWears Fashion, he opined “the rate at which African fashion is changing is tremendous, there is no need for us to buy products from other countries. Once we can appreciate things that are produced in our country. It is painful that most of the local designers still have to make use of foreign label for quick sale. The crazy thing about most Nigerians is that, they go for labels not quality. It is happening but not loud, most of the products we most assumed are made from Europe or America are made in Aba, Idumota, Onitsha. With those designs and styles displayed at the show, Ibadan is not lagging behind. I respect those fashion professionals so much.”

Fashion, as a form of entertainment, was accompanied with other forms of entertainment, such as; comedy, music, drama and dance. Having comedians like MC Remote Ibadan-based entertainer, Efe from Lagos and MC Olympus from Ghana performed. For lovers of music; the Dick Jockieplays series of songs, ranging from Davido, Wizkid, 9ice and many others, having in live performance upcoming artists like Tunde, whose song solicited for unity in Nigeria and promotion of one’s tribal values.


(Edited By Olamide Michael)



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